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Sunny Side UP!

August 23, 2009
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I’mmmmmm back!!?? Kinda…..

I think yesterday’s moanfest actually did me the world of good….venting is by far the best therapy!!

Today…the sun is shining, sort of….and I’m feeling goooood, if not a little sleepy, but hey…what’s new there??

So let’s get this blog a-rockin….

A bit of a random breakfast photie today….I thought I would share some of our fresh beautiful ugly plastic ikea table-ware??? Oh the joys of working for a big corporate company….NO TASTE!! At least my breakfast was tasty….protein museli never fails to hit the spot 🙂

Eats 181

It was a bit of a plod along morning…not alot goin down to be honest, just a greasy ass sunny side up fried egg with a toasted muffin….I was craving the gooey yolkiness and needed something quick…

Eats 185

Heavy on the grease….heavy on the refined carbs…heavy on the sugar!!?? Why oh why did I inflict this on my body… tasted good at the time….but I felt really yukky afterwards!!?? That’ll teach me to head into lunch so unprepared….and I was a Girl Guide too, I should know better, quite clearly not a very good one ay???

After work….I needed to ‘pop’ into town….2 mile walk there, and 2 mile walk home….not quite my idea of ‘popping’, but after my lunch time grease fest….I feel the extra walk was necessary?? My hammies were happy of the stretch too….my legs are still sooo sore from my lower body workout 2 DAYS ago!!?? A tad worrying to say the least…when I have a 6 mile race tomorrow!!??

I must now make a shocking confession….I hang my head in telling you….

“today….for the first time in 6 months….I HAD to go into MacDonalds!!”

Yep, you heard me right…I HAD to!!??

That greasy, tasteless, sweaty food makes me feel SICK…but I was sooooo desperate for the loo….it really was my only option, what can I say!! 🙂 Saying that though…to be fair my grease-infested lunch was basically just an egg muffin…minus the manky plastic wrapper!!?? Now I feel extra gross, I can taste the grease…yuk, and that was like, over 9 hours ago!!??

After my delightful walkathon in my pinchy work shoes….just for a singular item of makeup?? I finally made it home around 6ish….I was peckish so I gave into the pb urge with 2 slices of pb+jam on toast….I woulda snapped a shot, but hey….where’d it go??? mmmm….happy tum :

I was set for an upper bod workout today…but I was concerned by my current muscle aches, and thought maybe I should take today off in respect of  race day tomorrow and all!!?? In all honesty, I haven’t changed my training pattern for it at all…no rest days or anything, I figure I run in excess of 6 miles several times a week anyway…so I shall just treat it as a regular run…just with a little extra competition thrown in!!??

By 7….I had crashed!!?? I have a vague recollection of my dad taking my laptop off me before it landed face first on the floor….other than that….a lovely little sofa snooze, a bit of a waste of one of my very few proper nights off…but hey, if ya body needin it…just go with it!!??

I was feeling very grogy and verrrry hungry when I finally rose my slumber 3 hours later, I had earlier planned on some yummy pasta for dinner, but considering the time, I followed my craving and caved to yet more comfort food….and even more carbs!!?? Cheesey beans on toast…

Eats 187

Technically, the beans do count as a portion of veg…but hmmmm….green stuff anyone, bit of leaf wouldn’t go amiss ay??? Todays stodgey foder proberly had about as much nutritional value as that nasty plastic plant effort from earlier????? Tsk tsk!!

Right….it’s late, and I have some serious running action on the go tomorrow….my dad is gonna come with as some extra moral support, seeing as the lamo bf has bottled it on me???? Bring on the race, running shoes….at the ready, 60 minutes…easy!!??

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  1. August 23, 2009 02:58

    hahah, “i would have snapped a shot but hmm where did it go?” i love that. sometimes eating yummy greasy food and then feeling ill after is a good reminder of why we eat clean, no? good luck running!!

  2. August 23, 2009 20:39

    Egg McMuffins made at the house is way better than McDonalds! Your breakfast looks so good

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