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Insert Smiley Face….Here?

August 22, 2009

It’s another sleepy one from me….

And some sketchy photo skills to say the least!!??

I must firstly apologise…I am painfully aware of just what a negative nancy I am being of late….I have made an executive decision…paint it on, and suck it up woman…geeeeez!!??

Well…..maybe just a mini rant??? With a positive spin??? Could work…..

  1. I am majorly exhausted and need some proper time off [6 day weeks are so not cool?]….but, the hard work is worth it, I am progressing well at work and making a good name for myself in the company.
  2. I have no ‘me’ time…unless of course you count like, 10 hours a week at the gym [is that a positive]
  3. I am lonely, and find it very difficult to factor my friendships into my lifestyle…but, I am no longer a Facebook addict!!??
  4. I never see my boyfriend anymore, he works while I sleep, he sleeps while I work/chill/gym it. He prioritises work over me, even though his work makes him [and me] miserable…but, in the long run he is working hard to help build for a stable future
  5. We had planned to run a 10k together at the weekend, but now he has decided he is too busy with work, he is unsupportive of my athletic endeavors, and I sometimes feel that he is unapproving and resentful? of my recent weight loss, even though he can see that it is a positive step for me and is making me happier….and breathe! But….I am happier, and my main priority in my diet, is me, we are all allowed to be a little selfish from time to time!!??
  6. I booked…and worked hard for a nice holiday as a birthday treat for him [well us], which he however has no interest in, despite the fact we have not taken any real time off in at least 2 years, and acts as though taking 2 weeks of work is nothing more than a hinderance and inconvenience to his business….but it shows that he has passion and commitment for his work…big efffing woop!!!?? For this one…I think the miser in me wins!!??

Hmmmm….I think that helped….I don’t like to set such a negative tone for the post…right time to paint on that Bank Holiday Monday smile, big and cheesy, and get on with it…..chin up….

After all….

It’s time for a Taste-tastic Thursday breakfast….banana and honey protein oats….yum yum yum, get in my tum….

Eats 159

Eats 161

So good!!

After breakfast…realising I really must get a cardio sesh on the go…so I forced my lazy duper of the sofa, and headed out for a mini run…

  • 3.16 miles
  • 25 mins, 38 seconds
  • 8.07 mins/mile
  • 300 calories

Phew…it was crazy hot, I was not expecting that!!?? I was a little disapointed with my time, my second mile I got a right sprint on, and then I just lost it??? But….I’m getting there, slowly and steadily 🙂

After my run…as it was technically a lower body workout day, I got out the dumbbells and got to grips with some squatting and lunging efforts with the comapny of some proper athletes courtesy of the World Athletic Championships….NB I hate lunges, crazy stupid exercisen and reverse crunches…HOW painful???? Pheweeeeeee!!

Post run [and cripling midrift activity] I had THE most amazing protein yoghurt EVER…

Eats 164

So…I am aware that they do not appear to be all that amazing, the amazingness was the yoghurt itself!! Normally I just buy the supermarket’s own brand yoghurt, which is cheap enough, and tastes nice, but….this week I treated myself a bit, and got some fancy yoghurt as it was on offer. So so so so so good, creamy and light, and ohhhhh just heaven…once I added the vanilla protein it was more like a deliscious creamy dessert!!?? I just cannot express my joy at this little meal enough!!

I must also mention….as per my mini challenge set earlier in the week, I had already consumed my targeted 2 glasses of water by this point….pat on the back me, yay [insert smiley face here]

Lunch was some lazy work foder…

Eats 167

Did exactly what it said on the tin!!

Kept me fullup till dinner….

Hmmmm dinner?? Hellooooo, dinner, you gonna make an appearance at some point today??

Apparently not!!?? I was naughty….and gave in to the temptation of sharing a cheesey garlic pizza bread that was going begging!!?? Slap my hand…and call me fatty!! tsk tsk??

It was a late night…early rise again??? I left work at 12:45 in the am….

Only to return,



I had protein museli for breakfast with a nana, yummy, but no time for pictures, it was to be a most busy, stressful day….

My sore little legs got alot of stomping action on the go [sheesh, home workouts are the bomb], until they stomped right into the stafroom at…

4:30pm!!?? For lunch….and nope, I had not forgotten Fish Friday and gave last weeks debut a second run….

Eats 171

Eats 173

Cajun spiced salmon fillet, with cottage cheese and pineapple. Hmmmm, it was tasty, but didn’t quite invoke the same level of love as last tine?? Annnnd, I realised, with that quantity of cottage cheese….not a healthy choice!!??

I had the pleasure of a six o’clock escape from work…and I had prepared for the event, after a little light sportswear shopping [so I look all shiny for my forthcoming 10k Sunday], I headed off to the pool….my muscles couldn’t cope with anything more!!?? I have reached the stage that I grown every time I stand up???? Or move…..ouch…..

I was happy to see that the pool was quiet…I get pure swimming rage….so all good….I splashed off….

But….it was not a fun affair…my poor eyes….ahhhh the chlorine!!??

My goggles appeared to have lost all ability to prevent the water flow into my eye area, and my nose peg kept falling off….not the funnest 1250 metres I have ever swam [I did have fun racing the slow coaches, who didn’t know I was racing them though? Is that a bit of a weird thing to do?? Amuses me anyway??] I managed the whole 50 lengths as intended, and I had a reasonable pant on when I finished, so not all bad I guess!!

I wasn’t really that hungry when I finished…AND Daz gad just given me the fab news about his decision not to run with me Sunday, so I was a pretty bummed…so I went for a watery tea…very in keeping with the feel of the post I feel?? Minestrone soup….

Eats 175

On my officailly favourite new plate…61p, BARGAIN!! It was most sufficient.

And I must share with you before parting….the amazing yoghurt adventure, part deux….

…as per previous recipe, with the ultimate addition…hot chocolate powder!! Tastebud heaven of the most amazing kind!!

Oh see….I have perked up a little now, although the threat of only 5 hours till my morning alarm sounds is giving me the sense that I should really start to wrap this bloggerino up for the day….

A few words of positivity in parting….well, just some cool stuff I got goin down at the mo to make me happy….

  • Sunday is my big 10k round 2!! I’m aiming to beat the big 6-0 on the old clockerino!!
  • We have a fun work day out to a theme park next week….yay, I lurve roller coasters, and it means an extra day off  [insert super big smiley face, here]
  • 1 week today, I am officially on holiday for 2 whole glorious weeks
  • 9 days today…I will be jetting off for 10 days of sun, sea and partying [insert THE happiest face EVER, here]


4 Comments leave one →
  1. August 22, 2009 03:06

    Your blog makes me hungry. My goodness I want an English Breakfast right now.

    • August 23, 2009 01:10

      mmmm…I am a sucker for my breakfasts….especially for lunch! x.

  2. August 22, 2009 05:18

    get that frustration out girl! sorry about the woes, you will forget about all that once in IBIZA i am sure. that is a speedy 3.16 miles my dear. good luck on the 10k and have a great weekend!! xo

  3. August 22, 2009 13:44

    Hey girl! I read on Janetha’s blog that you are running a 10 k this a.m., too. Good luck to ya! xoxo

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