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Weigh In Wednesday…

August 21, 2009

Cue…the most uninspiring post EVER!????

I am soooo tired right now….and a little bummed out to be honest, feeling rather de-motivated!!??

Well the source of my bummed outness is not technically till later, so I shall start as my day did in fact begin….

With a super yummy sunny breakfast…

Eats 125

It is soooo refreshing to wake to a little sunshine once in a while…one day the British weather will finally cotton on, and actually grasp the concept, [that the rest of the world in it’s entirity has been managing for several thousands of years,] of an actual summer…with some actual sun??? Hmmmm…your right, it is a bit of a big ask isn’t it???

After chillaxing with the old bloggerino for a few hours, I hit the gym…

I was feeling tired, and lethargic…and really not up for it in the slightest??

Buuuut….once I got started….I was on fire….

  • 15 minutes, rower: 190 cals
  • 25 minutes treadmill, HIIT[ish] stylee….I made it to 13.5km/ph ooooeeeeee: 280 cals. I did try to get my HR straight after…clocked in at 153…it felt like I had worked sooo much harder than that though???
  • 5 minutes eliptical…just to even the numbers out!!?? I couldn’t possibly finsih on an uneven number???

I was feeling guilty about my lack of weights action of late…so I attempted a lower body style effort….the details are boring…so I shall just settle for plain old; it was good! Simple, and to the point!!??

I never remember to prepare any post workout sustanance…so in my mega ‘hot’ sweaty state, I headed into town and picked up a wee munch…usually I just grab a Slimfast shake, but I was feeling adventerous…. 

Eats 145


Eats 153

 It wasn’t what I was expecting at all….I thought it would be hard with an orange crunch but it was actually reeeaaaally soft and chewy!! Right yummy….but also right expensive?? It’s always the way!!??

Right, I suppose I should face the music….and get down to the real hard nitty gritty of the post….

The Weigh In…..


The time hasd arrived….and this week is the penultimate weigh in?? I have kept [pretty much right on track with my munching…so I shan’t lie….I do have some quite high expectations this week, rightly or wrongly!!??

And, the magic number is………..9stone 8lbs!! That’s a loss of 1lb!! Wooopededooo….note the hint of sarcasm there!!??

I’m not impressed…I have been racking my brain….trying to think if I have had any cheeky extra calories and not really noticed, or if I didn’t get in enough on the workout front?? Or what if it’s a case that I haven’t been eating enough, and working out too much?????

Major bummer!! And yes…I know…it’s a loss, which is good, and I do accept that….but I want mooooore!!??

Weigh in Wednesday; subject is officially now closed….annnd moving on…..

I was verrrrry excited about lunch….and quite rightly so….low fat cheese veggie burger with a humungus spinach salad….

Eats 135

Eats 138

 Twas tasty tasty!! That shall be a become repeat offender on the menu from now on I feel!!

I have no imagination as to what to I can chat about to fill these little ‘at work’ voids….I am feeling so uninspired at the moment???

So I suppose instead it shall be a case of; moving swiftly on, again….cous cous with veg and chickpeas for dinner….

Eats 143

 And in the wee hours before heading home….some delectable protein youghurt with strawberries and blueberries!! Never fails to hit the spot!!

Eats 139

And that was Wednesday….I have a feeling some interesting stuff did happen…but I was so bummed out from the un-mentionable, and so super sleepy, I just don’t remeber….so we shall call it done…and be done!!

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  1. August 22, 2009 05:13

    my dear! be PROUD of 1 lb loss! that is a hard earned pound! that is a 3600 calorie deficit you created. and plus, you are probably gaining muscle and losing fat. ok, how dead on were you with “I was feeling tired, and lethargic…and really not up for it in the slightest?? Buuuut….once I got started….I was on fire….” MY THOUGHTS TODAY EXACTLY!

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