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Cei is….ONLY 11 MORE SLEEPS!!!?

August 19, 2009

Oh myyyy gosh….I am sooo excited…well I think I am anyway??

This lovely little present arrived in the post for me yesterday….

Eats 131

oooooeeeeeee!!! The biiig HD is nearly upon us!! 🙂 I haven’t really gotten that rush of excitement though that I normally get….the arrival of the tickets is usually quite a pivotal moment for me that gets me squealing like a 3 year old….but this time, nada!!??? I think it’s because they are not in usual ‘ticket format’….I have never seen anything like this before…I’m not sure that I quite trust they are real!? This little book…really is tiny, and the tickets…just don’t look like tickets!!?? Apparently this is what all the cool kid airlines are up to at the mo….me? I don’t like it!!! I feel greatly let down…by my sheer lack of excitement at present!!!???? Although I have started the “this time in 2 weeks….” business??? Why do people do that?? And the pre-holiday FB status updates [mini rant alert]….sorry they drive me up the wall!! “Only 269 sleeps till my holidays!!”, followed the next day by “Only 268 sleeps till my holidays…I’m so excited”….eh?????? [Mini rant over!!]

I just have to point out….that took like, 45 minutes….maaaaan I am a slow writer, stroke thinker? I really do need to get a jog on…I have serious gym action scheduled pre-work!

Right let’s do this thang…

Breakfast was a return to an old favourite…

Eats 099

mmmm…protein oats with black cherry jam, equals divine!! Gosh…I haven’t had this in agggges! Well worth the wait!!

I was gonna get some cardio on the go….but my darn post yesterday took FOREVER?? So I ran outa time?? Really….I SHOULD have gotten up earlier, and sorted my life out to make sure I had enough time, and I SHOULD have prioritised my workout over faffing around online, but….I didn’t?? Lesson learned!! Although I am a little bummed that my stupid body appears to have reverted back to lazy ass, sleep all day mode?? It’s all work…sleep…work…sleeep…work…sleep…gym…work….sleep, when oh when will ‘life’ get a look in!!??

So, whilst tapping away yesterday I some cous cous on the go, ready for dinner….

And then managed to squeeze in some actual eating of food….another long lost eat making a more than welcome return to my life….GUACAMOLE!!!

Eats 109

My recipe is a super simple version…just mashed up avocado with 2 crushed garlic cloves, I do love me garlic, a splash of balsamic, 4 juicy baby plum tomatoes chopped and topped with a little black pepper!! mmm….mmmm…mmmmmm! Served on toast…it’s my little peice of heaven!! I have missed you my lover!!

It didn’t keep me full for too long though….and a mere 4 hours later….I happily tucked into my cous cous…

Eats 116

mmmm….more garlic!! I am so feeling the cous cous at the mo….no doubt I will soon get bored though…I NEEEEED more dinner ideas!! I wish I was one of these…throw it all in a pan, and just see what happens types!!? Although my adventerous side is growing….watch this space!!???

Notice the lack of PB in my post!! I have survived ONE whole day….and no banana either, I do beleive I have been on a one a day addiction for several weeks now?? I must learn to mix my eats up a little…get a bit crazzzzzy [insert jazz hands here]!!???

I did not however manage to overcome the yoghurt addiction?? One step at a time…we don’t wana overdo it…

Eats 119

The usual protein, honey and oats concoction…today mixed with fresh strawberries and blueberries….very yum, contrary to appearances…man that is a sucky camera effort, shame on me!!

Hmmmm…think I’m done!!???

I must just blow my own trumpet for a teeny tiny mo…I am so proud of myself for resisting any naughty snacking urges at the moment…I am really happy with eats… cheating, AT ALL! And I am always honest about my cheats!??

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday…hopefully the body fat doo dah will be fixed, it’s been broken for like, weeks???? Come on gym peeps, sort it out!!? Anyway…the proof shall be in the pudding ay!!!

And….I nearly forgot….I have set myself a goal!! Minimum, 2 glasses of water per day!! Now, know that seems like nothing…but at the mo, I am on like zero to one glass a day…and that is alot for me….my bladder just can’t cope with any more?? BUT I SHALL CERTAINLY GIVE IT A GO!!? Bring on the H2o!!

I will part with this little image of yumminess…these little beauts are from the woods next to my house…

Eats 097

Mini…sweet…juicy…plum lovliness!! Snackalicious 🙂

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  1. August 19, 2009 18:26

    IBIZA! jealous. so jealous. and mmm those protein oats look great! dude, the internet SUCKS me in, i have to get my workout done before anything or it is procrastination city! mmm couscous, i havent had it in awhile. maybe tomorrow! good luck at the weigh in!!!

    • August 20, 2009 01:13

      I suppose random European countries are a little outa your reach ay?? I dooo lurve Ibiza….I don’t know how I’d cope if I lived such a crazy distance away??

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