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Spice, Spice Baby

August 18, 2009

It’s another one of those ‘fun filled’ back tracks peeps….

I had loads I wanted to say earlier, but now everywhere is just dead noisy….and I’m too hot and sleepy, so think I shall just get straight to the point!!


With my new found love for the cinnamon…I decided my morning oats could do with a little spicing up…

Eats 059

Eats 062

 Looks pretty tasty until I mixed it all in huh?? It was nice….but kinda watery, and the honey went all weird, not quite sure what that was all about!??

I was feeling really lethargic….ans not sure if I could face the gym, or a run of any description…so I flaked out….and opted for the good ol’ workout DVD instead!!

(Ok I would just like to point out, at this point…I am going to bed, so if when I return my ramblings seem a little disjointed, there you have it!!?? And…break for sleep!!)

(Ok, I’m back…feeling rejuvinated and ready for the new day…letttttt’s go…..)

Now….I know what your thinking…workout dvd equals cop-out!!?? Some has been celeb bouncin around, with very little effort involved more concerned with flasing a cheesy publicity shot smile every 2 minutes rather than actually building up a sweat!!?? Well that’s certaintly what my feeling was….and I do for some reason own a couple of those poor efforts!!?? HOWEVER….this is a workout dvd with a difference!! This is a workout dvd….that actually works!!

Remember the Eric Prydz…was it Eric Prydz? I don’t actually remember….but anyway ‘Call On Me’ the song…well this dvd is based on the music video for that song…and even has all the hot bods from the vid in too….I’ve had it for years and it never fails to get me working up a proper sweat!! Today I even upped the anti a little and added some light dumbells in the low impact section…although you don’t really need anything extra weights wise to be honest…all the thrusting in this bad boy doesn’t half get your muscles working!! And there really is alot of thrusting…not one to get stuck into whilst the ‘rents are around, I feel a little embarassed even when I’m on my own with some of the moves these guys get goin on….but hey, it certaintly feels like it’s working….so ‘thrust a’hoy’ for me!! (Oh my sh**, I have actually just watched the vid for that song again for the first time in like…ever….that’s a bit x-rated isn’t it??)

I feel for some reason that I needed to share a little of my workout outfit with you…

Eats 065

Now there’s a combo for you ay?? ODD, striped neon socks with bright purple track pants…and I had a bright blue top on too…what can I say, a bit of colour clashing, it’s the way forwards!! Not that I’d actually go out to the gym dressed in this little combo….maybe for a jog though???

Now, I think maybe I am brave enough, just about to post this mext photo….

  1. As proof to the world that a workout dvd…does not equal cop-out, and doesn’t half build up a sweat (I would say it’s like the 8th most exerted I have ever felt, even more so as I decided to hit the high intensity section a second time around!)…
  2. As a sign to myself as to just how far I have come, from the lazy, flabby lump that I was just back in March, who was too embarassed by my body to even flash an iota of leg…

Arrrrgh…here goes…flesh flash alert ahead….

Eats 070

Are we traumatised yet?? Notice how this photo is much smaller than all the others!!? lol!! I still have quite alot of toning to go….but hey, not bad for a start I guess…I can’t believe I was brave enough to get it out!! 🙂 I am intrigued as to how toning and weights is helping to slowly change my body though…and the best way to see is in a photograph ay!?? I do think that maybe I haven’t adjusted mentally to the changes in my body yet…I still pick up the bigger sizes when I’m clothes shopping, and am adament that MY size will be far to small…perhaps this will help??

Geez…how long can I harp on about a workout dvd ay!?? What can I say…I was impressed!! 🙂

Maybe it’s to distarct from the lameness of my lunch…

Eats 075

Well…more the lameness of the photo really, the luch was actually quite tasty!! Boiled egg with a Quorn sausgae, 2 grilled mushrooms and a slice of wholemeal toast…with ketchup, of course!! Hit the spot!!

Dinner was a tupaware friendly effort at work….left over chilli with a baked sweet potato, cottage cheese and a toasted tortilla….

Eats 079

Eats 085

mmm…mm…mmmmm!!! This flavour combo is defo one of my faves!! The hot, spicy chilli with the soft sweet potato and then the cool cottage cheese!! Heavenly!! I truly savoured EVERY delicious mouthful!!

A few hours later, I polished the day off with some yummy vanilla, nectarine and cinnamon protein yoghurt…with oats and honey too…

Eats 087

Aaaaaahhhh…now my belly can sleep happy!! xxx.


Maaaan is it Monday already??? I had a definate case of the Monday mornings….groggy and yukky and bleugh!! My body soo needs more than 4 and a half hours sleep, close to opens are pure evil!! 😦 At least I was on time…that was a shocker, especially to me, I thought I was a dead cert for an over-sleep!!

My boss was back of his hols today, so I happily relinquished all responsibility for the business back to him!! aaaaaaaahhhhhh…feeeeel that weight….LIFTED!!! 🙂 Feels good!! Wish I could say the same for my body…muchos ouchos!! I am soooo sore….my legs are truly feelin it today!!

(Is it confusing that I keep switicng from past to present tense….I just can’t help myself!!??)

First job of the day…for me anyway…was breakfast….

Eats 091

Protein museli and banana, with a side of sunshine…best kinda breakfast there is!!! Helllooooo…..sunny, please, won’t you stay a while??!! 🙂

And then for the slog!!! 7 long hours with just an insipid cup of coffee, provided by the Boss no less, my rumbly tumbly definately needed this at 3 o’clock…

Eats 095

1 egg, plus 1 egg white nuked with a little milk!! Not the ideal way for eggs…but hey, it tasted ok, and it filled that humungus gaping hole boring into my stomach!!!

I was so happy to finally get off at 6!! It’s time to run…woohoooo!! I did find time to stop off and buy a cheeky bikinni mish mash for my holiday (I’m petrified all the shops’ll stop stocking the summer stuff before my hols….I neeed to stock up!!)

Todays run was a lovely sceninc one….along the canal, up through fields (which was haaaard work on the old legs, and the nettles weren’t much fun to navigate either) and back to the gym! I tracked it again on the old phonage…

  • 5.93 miles
  • 48 min 27s
  • 8min 10s p/m
  • 599 calories

I won’t be able to go along to any running sessions for a while now as I am either working, or on holiday…major bummer!! I shall just have to improvise ay!!

I was ravenous when I got home (my last meal being at 3pm??) so I delved into some vanilla and summer berries protein yoghurt…

Eats 089

Tasssssteeeeeey!!! Kept me going nicely until my little spice fest, aka…dinnnner!!

But not before a little front room style upper body workout with the old dumbells, I’m still getting used to these workouts so I don’t know names, hmm let me see….there were some hammer curls in there, and some tricep dips, and….ooo latteral raises, bicep curls…..hmmm thats all I remember, I must start writing them down!!

So, anyhows, back to dinner…..

Eats 105

Simmmmply yumminess!! Roasted sweet potato, mushrooms and gralic with spicy tomato sauce and Quorn chicken….

Eats 110

All warpped up….enchilada stylee, minus the cheese naturally!!

Another favourite meal for sure!! 🙂

And that…is pretty much that!!! I did go shopping at like midnight…hence why I copped out on the post last night…oh and I did munch on a slice of fruit toast at like, 1am…tut tut!!

You know, writing and cooking really is something of a skill…I really haven’t quite got it down, am just attempting to make some cous cous for dinner at work tonight….it has been an interesting experience!!??? I’m slightly starting to feel a wee bit stressed……

Speaking of work…I must woefully depart!! 😦 It’s been fun kids…TTFN!! xx.

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  1. August 18, 2009 22:34

    ROCKING ABS LADY!!! seriously. and omg how much do i love your socks?!?!?!? so radtastic! and cinnamon is like my oats STAPLE. loves it. 600 calories in one run? you are a rock star. i admire you! xoxo

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