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A Whinge, A Whine and A Moan

August 16, 2009

Heeeeey….energy….where’d you go???

Up until Tuesday….I was full proper full of beans! Awake and ready to rock and roll every mornin, lovin the gym action….now all I want to do is sleeeeep???

And eat!!

It was a most lazzzzy morning….I didn’t wake up until like, 11.20am….I had to be in work at 12?? Shizzer!! I did make time for brekkie though…there’s ALWAYS time for brekkie!! I didn’t take a photo though?? I felt we have all seen enough photies of my boring old protein museli…yummy as it is!!

So today was just another boring old work day…plodding along, not much of anything going down!!? You know…if I had the luxury of actually getting a weekend off once in a blue moon…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t spend it shopping for light bulbs, scowling at my lunch, and then whinging about the price, and the kids at the next table, and the music, and oh…the world!!??? No, I would go out….and ACTUALLY ENJOY MYSELF!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I do actually quite enjoy tollerate my job….and I get to work with so many levely peeps assholes!! Nah, it’s not SO bad….I am just soooo seriously sick of having to spend each and every day, justifying my weightloss?? The constant quizzing on my daily diet…am I eating…I should eat something…I work out too much?? OMG…leave me alone…I’m happy, I’m eating….please stop waving that garlic bread under my nose!!

Seriously…just yesterday, a member of staff appeared in the office with a big garlic bread with cheese, which she presented to me with….”Eat it…you know you want to! Eat something!” ??????

Comments such as “Do you wanna see a picture, when you were fat!!??” ??????

GRRRRR…it right winds me up!!!!

oooo…that does feel a little better though….can’t beat a good rant sometimes…aaaaah yes, I do feel much calmer now!!

So, the girl who doesn’t eat???…enjoyed a big fat pizza for lunch….

Eats 040

Our pizzas are the best, well worth the splurge!! I had a tomato and pesto base, with goats cheese, mushrooms and pineapple…..scrumdidlyumpcious!!

As the afternoon was so quiet, I wandered off to the supermarket to buy some oats….God forbid, I run out of oats….I simply wouldn’t be able to cope?? I decided rather than head to the usual haunt…I would check out the cheapy style place NEXT DOOR, which I have never before dained to do…through sheer snobbery to be honest??

WOW!! Check this place out….I was waaaay impressed!! I brought some bread, some hot chocolate and cinnamon….and all for less than 3 pounds, which is pretty awesome!! Lurve, lurve, lurving it!! I will most definately be partaking in a shop here, sometime soon!! They didn’t sell oats though???

I put the hot chocolate straight to the test…

Eats 043

mmmm…sweet, aditivey, chocolatey flavour yumminess!! I enjoyed it, for sure!!

Next up…the cinnamon…I have seen loadsa fab concoctions on the go bigging up the cinnamon…so thought I would give it a whirl….

Eats 022

Eats 045

Natural yoghurt with……nectarine, honey, oats, vanilla protein powder and cinnamon!! I feel maybe the point is nigh when I should actually stop with adding of ingredients before the calories hit the roof???

Eats 051

It was very good though, the cinnamon addition is definately a winner!!

And…the bread even got a look in too….with a very poor attempt at dinner….it was like, 10 o’clock though….

Eats 056

Wholemeal toast, with pb and honey…put back under the grill!! It was tasty…as always…but didn’t quite cut it as a substantial evening meal?? Am I suprised…NO, but cooking is just not on the agenda for me tonight…I feel way too meh!! I am also concerned by my rather over zealous usage of the old pb at the mo….maybe a few days abstinence is in order??

Not tooo bad for my dieting day off?? I was still gonna try and get a run in this morning…but my sleep had other plans for me!!?? I always feel guilty taking a day off…but unfortunately sometimes I just have to accept it as just one of the many downsides of having to earn a living!!??

I do feel today has been somehthing of a moan fest?? I need to cheer the F up ay??? What is wrong with me…owd misery guts!! I am feeling pretty poo tonight though….my head is pounding, and I’m super hot, and I have a really sore throat…

Oh, oh, oh…speaking of sore…my body is muchos sore…ALLLLL OVER after yesterday’s fun and games at the gym…meaning I actually did achieve something…hoo-rah!!

I really should cheer up…as I do have LOADS to look forward to…

Next Sunday me AND Daz are running the Birchwood 10k, it’s his first, bless him!! Although he’ll still probably beat me…despite having done NO training!!???

All going well pennies wise…this time in 2 weeks I shall be raving it up proper August bank holiday stylee at Creamfields, not gonna get my hopes up tooo much on that one though…just in case!!

And 2 weeks Monday….it will be Daz’s birthday….when he will be mega old!!

And we will be in IBIZA!!

Ahhhh….now theres a happy thought for me to head off to bed with….


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  1. August 17, 2009 03:14

    Ah, I have times like that too, when my body just seems to CRASH! No worries, a day of rest will turn you into an Energizer bunny again 🙂

    And so sorry about the assholes, whoops, fellow co-workers who feed you those annoying comments. How rude! I would totally be ranting too! Just keep you chin up…such people needn’t be bothered over!

  2. August 17, 2009 06:34

    dude! all these UP CLOSE food photos are making my mouth water! especially the pizza. nom nom nom. my boss shoves donuts in my face and gives me grief for eating healthy. bugs me! i have to have some PB abstinence, for sure. take me to ibiza!!

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