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Fish Friday!!

August 15, 2009

Yup, it’s stiiilllll Friday!!! (Well actually, it is technically Saturday…but as I am still a million miles away from sleep, Friday is close enough!!)

So….I left earlier with the tantilising promise of yummy yoghurt news….and plenty of gym action…well here it is….

I shall start with the gym..seeing as that came first….

I decided to go for it…full body weights extravaganza, well maybe thats bigging it up a little tooo much…but it was certainly something of a mission!!

I basically followed my weights programme from the gym…and stepped it up a gear, or two!?

Upper body: Arm Extention….

Bleuuurgh….I can’t actually be mithered to list alllll the detail right now, I am waaay too tired for that shit?? Maybe I’ll update it later??

To cut a long story short…I upped the weights, and actually worked up a sweat for like, the first time ever on weights….it felt goooood, and I’m feeling pretty sore already?? You can bring on a few more of those bad boy sesh’s, for sure!!!

After the gym….I partook in some serious yummy yoghurt munching….

Eats 028

Hmmmm….taking pictures whilst on a moving bus….of yoghurt??? Not a great plan I feel!!? Note to self….in future, WAIT until you get home!!

But I just couldn’t?? I was proper hank marvin…aka STARVING!!!!!! So I tucked straight in!! This little beaut consisted of 1 nectarine, mixed with 4 spoonfulls of natutral yoghurt, a drizzle of honey, a sprinkling of oats and some vanilla protein powder….mmmm NICE!!!

D’ya know what…it’s 3am, think from here on in, I shall skip the boring, life, work bits in between and skip straight to the eats…

Pre work…aka lunch…just some good ol’ pb and jam on toast…

Eats 033

Although I must mention….a mile walk, with a huage bag of files….not fun!!?

And so it’s straight on to dinner….mmmmm dinner!! I am still salavating over the sheer joy that my dinner brought to me this evening!! So please, let me tell you a fishy little tail….

Once upon a time, a delightful Cajun Salmon Salad was made….just a simple salad, with corn and tomato….and a yummy, spicy, salmon fillet…

Eats 035

Then…an idea sprung to mind, wouldn’t some lovely, cool, cottage cheese go down a treat with this little baby….

Eats 037

mmmmm….spicy, and creamy, and crunchy, and…wait…somethings missing?? What could it be?? What could possibly make this yumminess….yummier!???

Hmmmmm???? PINEAPPLE????

Eats 039

EUREKA…THAT’S IT!!! Oh…the joy! Have my tastebuds ever been so HAPPY??? mmmmm, even my eyes are happy….feasting away on the sheer scrumminess that lingers before me in photo form….I really am rather enjoying this NEW foodie experimenty me!!

mmmmm…happy, but verrrry sleeeeepy eyes….just the last few sips of hot chocolate….

Eats 025

aaaaah…chocolatey goodness….I shall sleep happy now!!! 🙂

Like, right now….bonne nuit mon amie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. August 15, 2009 06:09

    mmm, i like the idea of fish friday! i will have to participate next week. cajun is so yum! your salad mess looks like it was tasty. and seriously the pb & jam is one of my favorite things to eat EVERRRR! hope you have a great night!

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