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Me and My Baby!!

August 14, 2009

It’s a new day, it’s a new phone!!!! A did take a pic of my sexy new baby…but then I ‘accidentally’ deleted EVERTHING off my old phonage, including numbers??? DOH!!!! Seriously, you have NEVER seen anyone so excited…..I was like a 5 year old, Christmas morning….this IS my Christmas….loves it!!!!

I cannot pass this point without just mentioning….Janetha, these are your !!!! marks, I thank you from the bottom of my heart…awesome idea!!!! Now I feel ready…I can blog happy, for today at least!!!!

So….as per usual, I am in re-wind mode?? I’ve had super good intentions….but, no time?? My life is just waaaay too chaotic at the moment….maaaaan I need, need, neeed ma holiday…to be like, now!!!! On the plus side though…my shiny new phone does have blogging capabilites, woop woop….so I can get stuck in, mobile stylee!!!!

It also sports, a REASONABLE camera….so heres hopeful on the picture front….lets see how I did….


Was THE day….in true Christmas morning style…I was awake, and ready to rock and roll, WAAAY early for me!!!! And the magical moment happened shortly after 11am….and after some yummy protein and banana oats with  cherry preserve…picture? I do remember taking one???

Ahhh well…on we plod….

After collecting my new favourite toy…I headed off to the gym….

And BANGED one off…cardio style….

  • I kicked off my sesh with 10 minutes on the rower, burning 122 calories
  • Then I went for a bit of bike action, 20 minutes alternating between level 1 and 10 at automatic intervals. I burned 196 calories with a max HR of 171, average HR of 157, and a PI? of 40!!!! According to the doo da on the wall in the gym, ‘over 4o’ is classed as superb…and then it doesn’t go any higher!!!! I believe it is related to fitness level, and is specific to the equipment that my gym use??
  • I WAS going to hop onto the elliptical…just to mix things up a bit, I usually avoid it as a ‘waste’ of excercise…it just doesn’t really do it for me?? Anyhows…all the decent ones were in use….so treadmill again it is then!!!!? I was feeling super energetic….1 min: 9.5, 1 min: 12.5, 1 min: 9.5, 1 min 11.5, 1 min: 12.0, 1 min: 12.5, 1 min: 9.5, 1 min: 11.5, 1 min: 12.5, 1 min: 13.0 PB!!!!, 1 min: 6.5, 1 min: 9.5, 1 min: 13.0, 1 min: 6.5 PHEW!!!! And all at a 1% incline…burning 186 calories!!!!

In total….40 minutes of PURE cardio heaven!!!!

After my workout, I grabbed a banana Slimfast shake to keep me going until I got home….

Where I chowed down on a yummy boiled egg, with 1 slice of wholemeal toast and…ketchup of course!!!! For dessert, I had a slice of pb&j on toast…..hmmm, still noticing a distinct absence of pictures here??? Oh…but wait…..

Before heading off for a joyous horrible horrible day at work I whipped up some tupaware friendly dinner….ta daaaa….

Eats 002

And as if by magic….we have imagery!!!! Thank you shiny phone!!

So whats in the pot? A bit loada yum, that’s what!! Cous cous cooked in veg stock, with chickpeas, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli and garlic…I forgot the Quorn chicken, what a duffus? It was still suppppeeeer yum though, made my belly tres, tres happy!!!

Wow…Tuesday feels like it just went onnnnn forever, and thats not even evrything? I polished my day off with a juicy dry and tasteless orange!!



Uh oh…..oversleep alert!! Only 6 minutes….but that was waaay enough to throw my WHOLE day waaaay off!!

Luckily, I had pre-packed myself some goodies for the day…protein museli with banana for breakfast…

Eats 006

mmmm…vanillary, oaty, yummy, goodness!!

I had another craaaazy day, so it was 8 later that my belly even got a whiff of lunch…leftover cous cous….

Eats 001

And some oatless protein yoghurt, mixed with honey and mixed berries….

Eats 003

I don’t know why I decided to go oatless today….I think I will definately revert to the oaty addition next time….much more substantial!!

It was a loooong day Wednesday…and super stressful, I chomped on a couple of mini pb&j sandwiches to keep me going…


Finally…after 14 and a half hours….HOME TIME!!!! Time to do the happy dance!!!

However….home time also meant…even more bread time…

I was in noooo fit state to move off the sofa, so no upper body workout for me?? Tut tut!!!! And no cooking for me, definately not…nuh uh!! So Daz stepped up to the plate…his kitchen skills are, let’s say…limited…so I was more than happy with some good old comfort food…beans on toast style!!!

He did however, forget, than I am now a butter free zone?? Not good!! But it WAS good…taste-wise…so I guess he is forgiven xxx.

Eats 005

Not the best pic….me and the camera still have quite some bonding to do!!

Aaaaaaah….sleep is bliss x.

TFI-Thursday…at last

Because it’s that beautiful time of the week, when I get a DAY off!!

No sleep in for me though?? I was up at 8…and straight on a conference call?? Did I just mention, it was my day off!!

I feel that maybe, possibly work is just slightly taking over my life?? Not cool!!

Breakfast was a mini mix-up on an old favourite….protein oats, topped with banana and a drizzle of honey…

Eats 010

It was a most delicioso change…I feel that this may be making quite a few repeat performances!!

After a few delightful hours of doing absolutley NOTHING….no reading, no online-ing, no blogging, NO WORKING!! No NOTHING…I did do something….

I ate some fresh pineapple…

Eats 008

And eventually…something I have been avoiding for, like, ever….


oooooh….aren’t I all grown up now!!? lol!! I was seriously brutal too….I threw away tonnes of old clothes…and shoes…and well, just crap, oooh it felt goood! Productiveness rules!! Hmmm…but so does non-productiveness??? It is true, I do love my lazy time!! Hmmmm…such a ponderance….

To keep me going, I continued on last nights bread fest with half a pb&tomato sandwich…piture?…deleted, due to super lame value!!

An hour later I was in turmoil…what to eaaaat?

More bread? Seriously woman?? What the bleep????

Eats 013

Toasted sandwich, filled with 2 Quorn sausages and loadsa ketcup!! I hasten to add…there was the addition of another slice of toast on top….post picture, I would’ve taken another….but it was too late, it was already….in ma belly!!

Now time for a tune….sing along, there is a tune…I promise….

“Today is Thursday, Thursday’s run day, everybody’s happy….you betcha life we are!!”

I walked to the gym…and pleasant little 2.06 mile walk, how do I know it was EXACTLY 2.06 miles??? My shiny baby…to the rescue again!! A clever little built GPS tracker…that well, tracks…YOU!! It gives you distance…with a map, time, speed, calories burned….and a whole bunch of crazy graphs, that I just do not understand!!??

So after the tester…it was time for the run!! Today’s run was along the river…almost the same as my own route….but DOUBLE!! And lots more nettles…booooo!!

6.89 miles in 59 minutes 48 seconds…thats 8.40mins per mile, I can cope with that I reckon!!?? In fact…I’m thrilled!! AND…over 600 calories burned….PHEW-EE!! Check out all the stats here Nokia Sports Tracker Beta

Tonight was a bit of an extra struggle…I’m all for being sociable…but when I’m running, I NEED MY TUNES!! My lovely co-runners certainly had other plans for me though…Thursday, is apparently now…Chat-to-Cei-Day!!? When I did manage to get stuck into my choonage…I was on fire, and charged the last mile…UPHILL!!?? And sprinted on home!!

Dinner was a creamy little rice concoction….

Eats 015

Basmati rice cooked with 1 can Weight Watchers mushroom soup, mixed with mushrooms, peas and broccoli….a little black pepper, and it’s yum time!!

I have a confession….I was naughty…

I had dessert???

Eats 018

Mandarin cheesecake…alledgedally low fat? So my dad told me anyways!!? Strange how the box disappeared pretty sharpish ay dad!?? Ah whatever….low fat, schmo fat…I worked hard today….and it tasted goooood!!!!

Phew-eeee…that was a mi-ssionnn!! Just writing this freakin post has worn me right out!!?? Lucky it’s bedtime ay…..

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xx.

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  1. August 14, 2009 18:16

    omg you are so cute. i love that you are using my !!!!s! haha.. you are the raddest. cardio and heaven are not words that i would ever pair together in my own vocab but GOOD FOR YOU! you have me craving couscous now.. looks so good! and it is so good leftover as well. haha your posts wear me out from reading, but i feel so energized at the same time, how does that work??

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