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It’s A Topsy Turvy World!!

August 7, 2009

OMG!!!! Finally!!! WordPress is being a shocker of a nightmare…and won’t let me post!!! 😦 So here I am…back at Blogger as a last resort!!!

I’ve been trying to write this post for so long…I have COMPLETELY forgotten anything I was going to say!!! Booooo!!!

I suppose a re-cap wouldn’t go amiss!!????

Let me see….


Geeez….I cannay remember that long ago!!??? I’ve totally
stopped taking photos…my camera is so lame it makes my food look waaay depressing….I really need to get back into that habit (short lived as it was!!?) as it really helped me keep track of my eats…and most importantly, really think about what I’m eating!!

I was working in the am…so that would have meant muesli with banana and vanilla protein powder for brekkie….a real winner for me at the mo!!! 🙂

I have a faint recollection of a tortilla wrap for lunch, filled with Laughing Cow extra light cheese and a spinach salad…with a half a corn on the side!! It was average!!

After work…I headed off to the gym for a quickie upper body workout!! I haven’t quite got to grips with my weights workouts yet…I’m enjoying the results….it’s the bit in the middle I’m struggling with!!??

It was pretty late when I got home….but I was in the moood for pasta!! Yum yum yum….pasta with pesto and mushrooms, baby plum tomatoes and wilted spinach!

Maaaan….writing about food is so boring when there’s no yummy pics!!???


Now…I do remember Wednesday!!! Wednesday I WAS F

I had porridge with banana and cherry preserve…and for the first time ever (in my oats)…vanilla protein powder!! It was a little powdery…but ok!!

I started the day with a morning workout (almost unheard of in my world!?) 40 minutes cardio today…20 minutes on the rower, I usually just use the rower for a mini warm up…but today it really seemed to be doing the job for the old heart rate, so I just kept on goin!! Then I hopped onto the bike for 20 minutes…and a bit of light Body for Life reading!! I usually think those women who workout and read at the same time are a bit nuts…1. How can you get the most out of your workout? and 2. How can you read whilst your bouncin around!? But, it turned out it was an ideal way of making some much needed time for an activity I really struggle to fit in around my crazy day to day life!!! So THUMBS UP!!!

The best bit though….I decided as I weighed myself last Wednesday morning…I would continue the pattern and so hoped onto the electronic scales at the gym!! Drum roll please….
9 stone 11 pounds (137lbs)!!!! Woop woop!!! That’s a loss of 2 lbs….GET IN!!! After all those naughty eats at the weekend..I am truly in shock!! And HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!! 🙂

After my workout I had a few errands to run…so I chugged down a strawberry Slimfast shake to keep me going.

And then for an extra protein fix…I had a boiled egg with 1 and a half slices granary toast and ketchup…and hey presto, as if by magic, I have a photo!!!

And for ‘dessert’ I had half a slice of granary toast with PB&J!!! Yummay!!

Tea, I believe…..was half a carton of minestrone soup with a ciabatta bread….phew that is a mammoth amount of bread in one day!!!??? I think I need to chillax slightly on the 1 million carbs a day!!??

All in all though…I feel it has been a FANTABULOUS few days…all is GOOD!!! 🙂 And I am really lovin my little dip into the world of Body for Life!! I don’t know if I will actually attempt a challenge for myself…but I am learning alot from the book all the same!! 🙂


DAAAAAY OFFFFF!!! At last!!! I only get one a week…so I truly treasure them!!! Today though…I have to get up super early….and….GO INTO WORK!!!???? We had a staff training day scheduled…so I had to go ‘oversee’ proceedings, which I didn’t really mind too much…will only be a couple of hours!!!??

As I was in work…I thought it would only make sense to have my usual work brekkie of banana and vanilla protein muesliscrummy as always!!

The morning went well…but hmmm what is this!!??? It appears to be 4.30 in the afternoon….and I am STILL at work!!!??? On my day off!! WTF!! Pesky trainee managers…with their training needs…pah!!! Oh and ‘hello’ is that Mr Senior Area Manager hoping out of his big shiny beemer in the car park!!? Yes…yes it is!! I’ve never met the guy…and as he is the almighty with the power of the pay rise in his hands….I feel I should probably hang around a while!!! (Hmmm maybe first impressions would be better if I hadn’t been in big baggy combats…with my naval showing cause they’re so damn BIG on me!!?Ah well!! It IS my day off after all) So I stayed…and contracts were signed!!! Woop woop…it is official…I am promoted!!

Phew…..a super long 10 hours in work…ON MY DAY OFF, meant that a super huge amount of unplanned nosh was consumed!!!

I opted for a ‘slightly’ naughty lunch of a work stylee all day breakfast….an English muffin with 1 egg, baked beans and some deep fried herb potatoes, and ketchup…lot’s of it!!!

I was planning on leaving it there, until….cook off numero uno!!! 5 dishes, cooked by one of the trainee managers…to check there skills out basically!! Luckily there was alot of meat on the table…so I could only try the spinach and ricotta cannelloni…which I did….HALF OF IT!!! And a few sips of some ‘interesting’ amaretto based cocktails…bleugh…I am not an amaretto fan!!!

So ok…it’s a minor set back…I can recover easily from this one!!!

‘Sorry Mr S.A.M, did I hear you just say….you wanted to order some food!!!??’ AAAARGH NOOOOOOO….not more food!!! Another 5 dishes…all laid out for our delights!! Luckily there was even more meat this time around…I partook in a few garlic dough balls….which was still, a few too many!!!???

And then there it was….6 o’clock!!!??? I made my excuses….and ran!!! Quite literally!!! Thursday is a running day…and I was LATE!! I rushed like a crazy lady, forked out £10 taxi fares…and made it just in time!!! Phew!!! No way was I gonna miss my run…not even for a pay rise!!!

My belly felt heavy though…all that chompin through the day was taking it’s toll!! I got about half a mile….and AAAAARRRGH!!! PAIN!!! OMG the PAIN!!! My stomach and chest tightened….I couldn’t move another step!!! As the pain subsided I tried to go again…but AAAARGH!!! Nope…this was not a good idea!!?? In tears….seriously, I was gutted, I had looked forward to my run for days…I trudged very slowly back to the gym!! I kept telling myself “it was a weights day after all!!” but I was still so pissed!!

I managed 10 minutes light rowing….and an average effort lower body workout!! What a let down of a day!! 😦

Did I mention it was my day off work by the way!!???

9pm…I was back…at work that is!!! And so was the food….pizza!!!???

That was the last straw….out came the rota….stress and my belly are not good friends!!! And neither, are a whole packet of Oreos!!!


Day off….ROUND 2!!!!

The phone is OFF!!! Sleep is bliss!!!

I awoke late…11.30, and started the day, avec vanilla protein oats and cherry preserve!! Yum 🙂

A chilled out few hours on the sofa followed….accompanied with some strawberry and blueberry, honey and oats protein yoghurt effort…hmmm I thought I had a pic, obviously not!!? Oh and some toast with PB&J and then 2 slices of granary bread with PB and tomato…..WHAT A SUPER WAY TO SPEND THE DAY!!!??

Eventually….I was ready for the challenge of a run AGAIN!! I opted for my river route as usual…I was worried I would have another pain attack…but….all was good!! There were a few dodgy characters around….but I guess that just made me run faster!! Today’s pace was a PB of 8mins45seconds per mile and I burned about 430 calories!! Loves it!! xx.

Tea was a simple but yummy effort!! Pasta with tomato and creme fraiche (style) sauce with mushrooms…baked in the oven so it was extra yummy!! And a few broccoli florets on the side…I love broccoli, it is most definately my favourite vegetable!!!

And that’s it!!!

See what I mean…it’s a truly topsy turvy world…I’m happy…I’m grumpy….I’m flying…I’m rock bottom!!! I seriously need some consistency in ma loife!!! Sort ya shit out woman….get on it…FOLLOW-THE BOUNCING-BALL woman!!!!!

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  1. August 8, 2009 06:09

    i wondered where you had been! glad you managed to post though 🙂 as usual, a post full of TONS of energy, i feel like skipping around after reading this. HOORAY on the weight loss! you are a rock star. i wanna be like you! ha. bummer about the going in on the day off. booo. haha.. i am still just grinning from reading your words. brilliant!

    • August 11, 2009 09:55

      Yes….I have been slightly absent!! My laptop access is sporadic to say the least….it’s a case of prising my boyfriends out of his cold dead hands…which is something of a mission 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy the read…I always think I just go on….and on….and on……I have so much to say….I just try and say it all in one go, so sorry if it ever feels like a bit of a bore fest!!! 🙂

      I am loving the BFL book by the way…thank you so much Janetha, for bringing me into this wonderful world 🙂 My abs are loving it tooooo xxx.

  2. luckyavatar permalink
    August 9, 2009 21:06

    Great looking breakfast!!

    • August 11, 2009 09:56

      Thank you…it was yum!!! I love my eggs and ketchup….worlds BEST combo EVER!!!

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