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Monday…Equals Runday!!!

August 4, 2009

Why!!!! Why, why, why…do I insist on sitting awake until 3am in the morning (well I was working till 1.30!?) when I know full well I am not going to be a very happy chappy at 8am…especially on a MONDAY!!!

I most definately not a happy chappy…especially when I awoke to an unalarmed alarm clock, stating that it was 8.23am!!!!!????? Ohhhhh….fiddlesticks!!!! Not a good way to start the day!!!

Luckily I had prepared….gym bag SORTED, eats SORTED…GO GO GO!!!!

Breakfast was a somewhat un-eventful bowl of museli with banana….and protein powder!!! It was a good-un…but not quite worthy of a photo!!!

Man….my day was boring…..

It’s lunch time already!!! An English Muffin with 1 egg, scrambled….and ketchup!!! You just CAN NOT have egg without the ketchup!!! In true loser style….I neglected to take a photo…AGAIN!!!!???

I was determined I was gonna make it to my running club today…I missed BOTH sessions last week!!! Booo!! I left work…BANG on 6, and power walked to the gym!!!

Phew….made it!!!

Today was track…2 miles run to the running track, 10 minutes (allegedly) speed work (2mins fast, 30 secs recovery, 1.5mins fast, 30 secs recovery, 1min fast, 30 secs recovery, 30secs fast, 30secs recovery and back to the top again…inverted pyramid styleee) It was SUPER HARD WORK…I really struggled!! And the fact that a guy from my year at school had joined in my absence, who runs a stonking 6 minute mile did not help…he lapped me 3 times!!!???? The 2 miles back to the gym was sheer HELL too, and I even gave in to the walk I am ashamed to say!!???

Still 5+ miles….50 minutes, a nice little cardio effort I feel!!! Mostly I am just happy to be back pounding the pavement…a week is waaay tooo long!!!

Came home and whipped up a yummy stir fry…


Broccoli with looong stems…thats my favourite bit, green beans, mushrooms, quorn chicken preces and garlic….


With egg noodles, and a drizzle of soy sauce!!! Geeez…my tastebuds are quite literally in heaven at the moment….why is it that I crave greasy, yucky food so much…when this tastes SO GOOD!!!!!

oooo….and I also had a yummy yoghurt concoction….but with melon and strawberries today!!! Another lush addition to my day!!! 🙂

I am determined now…with only 4 weeks TODAY till my fabulous holiday…Ibiza stylee…I MUST STAY ON TRACK!!!



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  1. August 4, 2009 02:52

    haha i just caught up on your 3 posts. girl, your energy bursts through your typing, i love it! the first one down there had me cracking up. never had cherry jam! yum. looks like you put it to good use. hooray for BFL! haha, i am an advocate. poster child. whatevs. and yay for protein powder, i love how handy it is. i did the same thing last night! 5 hours of sleep is NOT ok! dude, that cardio sesh is killer i dont know what you are ashamed of. WAY stellar! and the stir fry looks so good, i am on my mom’s computer and her screen is HUGE and your stir fry looks BOMB. haha. ibiza?! lucky. you WILL have a bangin bod! you already do~but 4 weeks is a lot more time to polish things up 🙂

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