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The Sheer Shame of It All!!!

August 3, 2009

I am SO poo!!!! Saying that…I have been busy, busy, busy!!! And greedy, greedy, greedy!!!?

This week, I have  mostly been munchin for England…and after my super happiness at being a 9 stoner, you’d think I’d know better….but NO!!!

The fact that the weather appears to have forgotten IT IS ACTUALLY SUMMER isn’t helping…the world is so gloomy at the moment!!! “Hello Mr Sunshine…please come out to play!!”


….was a looooooonnnnng day!!!!! And that is an understatment!!!

My day started at 5.30am…which having gone to the LATE showing of Harry Potter on Wednesday night and eating lotsa popcorn and sweets, was not cool!! I did manage to squeeze in some breakfast style feeds though (I don’t usually bother that early!?), a bowl of same old, same old…museli and banana…or maybe just museli, I don’t quite remember!!?? Ah well, same diff!!!

At 7am I was on the train ‘en route to Beirut’ (aka Croxteth, Liverpool) for THE WORLDS MOST POINTLESS MEETING EVER!!! I gulped down coffee numero deux of the day….

Before facing the grimy…gloomdom….of the BIG city!!!??

After my meeting…I indulged in some retail therapy torture!!! I hate shopping…but I desperately needed work gear…gym gear….general tit bits!! But it was a major NO GO!! Just some plimsoles and a couple of t-shirts…lamo effort!!!

I finally made it home….to myown little personal ray of sunshine!! A lovely ebay package…of the BODY FOR LIFE variety….

With a side of cous cous!!! I am loving this combo…the food I mean!!!

I remember little else of the day….other than the fact it seemed to last FOREVER!!! I’m sure there were plenty more eats in there somewhere!!!

Friday…’fat day!!’

Let’s just say…it was NOT A GOOD DAY!!!

We were going to go out for dinner….but I finished work too late!! 😦

The be frank…Friday was just a big bunch of crapness, which culminated in the bingeing on pizza, and chocolate pudding with custard, and a few bottles of beer!!!??? BOOOOOOO!!!

I no longer wish to speak of Friday…it’s all just too painful!!!!


Oh Saturday was no better!!!

I’m playing boss at the mo…and in the midst of my kitchen manager trying to walk out, over, like NOTHING (big feckin baby that he is!!) I managed another major pig out!!!

I had told myself….I AM GOING TO BE GOOD!!!! It started ok….porridge….minestrone soup with ciabatta for lunch/dinner….

…..then the stress really kicked in!!!

2 slices white toast with butter, baked beans and cheese…more of yesterdays chocolate pudding with custard….I don’t even know where the list ends….

oh yes….with a little Body for Life, light bedtime reading!! AKA MOTIVATION!!!!!

(Oh, and no…the eyes do not deceive….my lazy ass has not moved one tiny iota in the direction of the gym…or anything similar for the last 3 disgraceful days!!! Shame, shame on ME!!!)

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