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Hellooooo Lover!!!!

August 3, 2009

Let’s get this shit started!!!!! Ohhhh yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!


Hoooray!!! It’s a finally a gym day!!! I say that as if I have been long awaiting this day to come…but no….it was just a serious case of the lazy-i-tess which had been hinderiong my exercise efforts!!!

I awoke to porridge….and the return of the CHERRY JAM!!! Wooop woop!!!


My gym efforts were based (loosely)on my Body for Life readings last night….

Treadmill 20minutes:

2mins @ 6.5kmph, then 1min @ 9.5kmph, 1 min @ 10kmph, 1 min @ 10.5 kmph, 1 min @ 11kmph x4 with a final min @ 12kmph and 1 min cooldown!!

It was a good li’l cardio session….I kinda felt like I could do more….but then I kinda didn’t……

So I actioned a little lower body style workout instead!!! I tried to crank the weights up a little…I always play it way safe, and I’m not sure I’m really getting any real benefits!?? Today, the name of the game…was BURN!!!!! (Just a little!!)

On the way home…I MADE time to head into town….for a most exciting pur-chase!!! My 1st EVER tub of protein powder…I opted for plain old vanilla….I felt that would be most versatile….and so I rushed home for a taste test!!!

Natural yoghurt with oats, strawberries, blueberries, honey….and PROTEIN POWDER!!!



Yummmmmmaaay!!!! I am suitably impressed!!!

Before heading off for another joyous day of work…I went for it pb&jam style….


A most delicious day I am having….

Which I finished off with a salmon fillet, oven baked with cajun spices and a baked potato and some veggies!!! I did take a piccie…but it was a lamo phone effort…I shouldn’t have bothered really ay….(I still have to download the pic!!! Bring on upgrade day!!!)

So thats Sunday boxed….I am so happy I have found the fighter….fatty just isn’t a fun person to be around!!!?

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