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July 29, 2009

Are we sitting comfortably…it’s gonna be a long one!!! What a hectic life I do lead….so little time…sooooo much to do!!! And since I have become a gym junkie….its definately ALL work….NO play!! TV….whats that again!!?? Chillin out….nah…no time today!!!

I believe I left off…heading bedwards Saturday night…so it must be….


Woke in the AM…woop woop, and started the day my favourite way….porridge, made with mashed banana and a big dollop of sugar free strawberry jam on top…


Not sure I’m feeling the strawberry variety…good for toast, but it has to be cherry all the way for porridge I feel!!!

Hmmm…I believe I then ventured out for a run, yes I said it…not a jog….a RUN!!!! I was feeling pretty sluggish when I set out….but my little legs just charged on regardless….4.85 miles in 43minutes 23seconds that’s 8.56 minutes per mile!!! πŸ™‚ Majorly chuffed!! Especially as I was naughty….and walked for 3 minutes!!!

Then it was off to work time…boooooo!!! But not before a cheeky nectarine….


It was a CRAAAAZY day…mega busy… bit of a mini cardio sesh!!! The bonuses of an active job!!!

However it did mean that lunch was somewhat…on the go!!! Lucky I came prepared ay….


Half a carton of minestrone soup…eaten ‘a la container’ with half a toasted ciabatta on the side….and demolished within…oooo…about 3 minutes flat!!!?

Finally…the hungry hoards departed….and so it was time to eat….

I was soooo impressed with this concoction….Janetha you inspired this one….cous cous made with veg stock (and broccoli water) with broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, Quorn chicken pieces and chickpeas!! I was so excited to have managed to get my hands on my camera for once…I went for some step by step photies….




It was divine….a little bit of heaven for the tastebuds….and not a combination I would have EVER contemplated before!!!!??? We’ll be havin another go an that for sure!!!

I have to say….I am most impressed with my dining efforts for the day….redemption has been had for the horror of Saturdays grease fest I feel!!!

Oh…..oooopsy….I think I forgot to mention that I did tuck into 2 slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and jam…oh, and a few Hob Nobs too!!! I have seriously got to address this late night munchies thing!!?


Oh the joys of a Monday morning!!! As per usual…office day and it’s straight on the paperwork….however MY priority at 8am….BREAKFAST!!!! Sugar free muesli with nana…..which I did photograph…but my efforts were so lame….I shall allow imagination to take over!!!

Or….I could just re-cycle, cause lets face it…it’s pretty much, the exact same meal….just a different day (and a different bowl)!!!! πŸ™‚


Mondays are super snooze-worthy….and all I can think about is my belly!! And all I yabbit on about…is my belly!!! Finally I decided it was eating time about 4pm (a whopping 8 hours after breakfast!!??)….and how glad am I that I made a double helping of this yesterday….


And it was just as good!!!! πŸ™‚

Ooooh…there go the belly growls now….I must go eat!!!!

…..aaaaah happy now!!! Think I may have just eaten some shell though!!??? Wednesdays eats shall reveal all!!! πŸ™‚

Right…back to Monday….it was a really scatty, hurry, no time to do anything, mish mash of a day….AND I had arranged to induct a new member of staff…a wee boy, only 16, it’s his first ever job, he was dead nervous….bless him!!!

I left him in capable hands and rushed off to meet the runners for 6.30…Daz was SUPPOSED to be picking me up…alas he was no where to be seen…the phone was ringing….and ringing… I set off walking!!! It takes exactly 30minutes to walk to the gym…but I didn’t leave work till gone 6…and with all the hoo ha….I was too late!!!! GUTTED!!!! 😦

Gym sesh it was then….

Let me see….

10 minutes warm up on the rower

30 minutes on the treadmill (5km), 15 minutes of which was interval training

Weights programme….sort of!!! The gym was CHOCCA!!! And there was some…fool, just chillaxing on the preacher….and then a REALLY REALLY nasty sweaty man on the abs curler, so I kinda did a bit of a mish mash routine, with some abs floor work and another…

10 minutes interval training on the treadmill in the middle!!!

Total…about 700 calories burned!! No bad!! I do have a heart rate monitor….in fact, I have 2!! Both have DEAD BATTERIES….I need to sort it!!!

After some minor research online….I decided to chugg down a shake after my workout!! I decided to try a Body for Life one I found at Tesco (200calories with 18grams protein), and include it my evening meal calorie allowance!! Until I can afford some protein powder this will do as a start I feel!!!

So dinner was some light, protein heavy nosh….boiled egg, with 1 slice wholemeal toast….and a little ketchup!!


AND THAT WAS THAT!!! Job done!!! No late naughty late night munching for me…for a change!!!!

Phew….that’s 2 down…one to go…..

Tuesday….at last

Free morning for me!!! Yipeddy dee!!! And another ‘early’ start for me…with….porridge….


Plus a ‘generous’ slice of galia melon and some blueberries….



And then off to the gym….AGAIN!!!

Same old, same old….

10 minutes warm up on the rower

25 minutes interval training on the treadmill (my poor legs couldn’t hack the full 30!!?)

Upper body weights

15 minutes interval training on the stair master

About…500ish calories burned!!

After my hectic workout sesh last night I opted for just upper body weights….I told you you would get it arms!!!

So for today’s post workout effort…a Slim Fast shake…



I went a touch over my 300 lunch calories and finished off with 1 slice wholemeal toast with beans!!!

Work was busy…but fun….and meant that I had no time to stop and eat!! I did manage to squeeze in a quick Activia yoghurt though!!

Finally…enough was enough….my belly was just about ready to jump out and eat a customer….so I indulged!!!

I hadn’t had time to properly organise my meal before I left home….I was being all indecisive…so I had to settle for a work effort….aka PIZZA!!! 10″ thin crust with extra mushrooms, pineapple and goats cheese…however I picked pretty much ALL the cheese off…I’m not a fan of too much cheese….our chefs just do not understand the concept of portion control, and think that they’re being ‘nice’ by piling it on!!!?? I gobbled it down…and only remembered about taking a photo once I had polished the plate leaving just a big nasty pile of cheese….which not quite photograph worthy I feel!!!

But the grapes were….


If only fruit could conteract all the naughty, fattening effects of cheese and bread…I would be sorted!!!

Still…when you really, really gotta…you gotta!!! And to settle me happily into sleep I enjoyed a yummy Highlights hot chocolate and a slice of PB and jam on toast…..

So that’s the rewind!!! It was long…it was laborious…it’s DONE!!!! Maybe I will have to buy a new laptop…this sharing malarky sucks…I am such a laptop hog….and I love it!!!

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  1. July 30, 2009 23:43

    i saw jam in pb&jenny’s oats today and thought i gotta try it. you photo reassures me i MUST try it. AHHH! the couscous! love love love. your combo is so delicious looking. mushrooms make it all better. 700 cals? dang. that’s dope! ok so how is this funky way of eating that egg?? i am intrigued.

    • July 31, 2009 01:08

      mmmmm…jam (aka jelly) on oats is fab….you should defo try it!!!

      It’s a soft boiled egg…3.19minutes in boiling water…leaves the yolk all gooey and perfect to dip toast soldiers into!!! It’s yumalicious!!! Is this not something you have tried!!!??? I thought everyone, everywhere had boiled eggs!!!??? πŸ™‚

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