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It’s A Wednesday Washout!!!

July 29, 2009

Plan of Action….

1.Get up early…2.go to Fat Club, get weighed…3.pop into the doctors…4.get some gym action… the laundry, housework etc…6.get figure savvy for tomorrows am meeting…7.update the world with my fabulous(ly dull) life, Jog On styleee!!! IN THAT ORDER!!!

But, hey…lets face it…life NEVER quite goes all to plan!!!


1. Get up early…check (ish) 9am’ll do me on my day off!!

I missed breakfast though for the first time in 4 months…sorta through choice…I like to work out on an empty stomach in the morning!!

2. Go to Fat Club…Big fat FAIL, and get weighed…FAIL!!!

Getting Daz outa bed in the mornings is hell!!! He’s a lazy, groany, sleepy, lumpy, excuse of a human being!! Today it took 30 minutes of CONSTANT NAGGING….Fat Club ‘officially’ started at 9.30, we left the house at 9.45!!? I knew it was a hopeless effort…I would never make it in time…

It’s a right old trek JUST to get weighed (I had already decided to skip the salsa class…it’s way too low impact for me!!), but the official logging of the weight somehow helps to keep me motivated!!

25 minutes later….I was there, at least I was outside…but I was too late!!! Another first, first week I’ve missed class (for non illness related reasons!!)!! Major bummer!!

3. Drop by the doctors…CHECK!!

How useless are doctors receptionists…

ME “I’d like to make an appointment for a gluten intolerance test please”

RECEPTIONIST “We don’t do glucose intolerance testing here!”

ME “No..GLUTEN intolerance”

RECEPTIONIST “Whats that? Is it like an allergy thing is it?”

She ummed and ahhhed over whether I needed to see the doctor or a nurse…she asked; a nurse…and then decided she would get the doctor to call me next week!!!???

What a palaver!!!

In much more positive news however, she did manage to find my blood test results (anemia, glucose, thyroid function etc)…all good!! However…this does mean that my spaciness and exhaustion is “just something you’ll have to DEAL WITH yourself” to quote my ever helpful doctor!!??

3. Get some gym action…check!

After my fruitless escapades of the morning…I was in serious need of some gym love!!! I was getting pretty hungry though…I hadn’t quite thought this through properly had I!!?

I was a little sore…seeing as this was my 3rd gym workout on the bounce so I took it fairly easy…

20 minutes interval training on the static bike

25 minutes interval training on the treadmill

Lower body weights workout

Total cardio calories burned, around 400!!

I left the gym…hungry, and it was bucketing it down!!! I got DRENCHED!!! What a wonderful ‘Bristish’ summer….and so the lovely weather guys say…”there’s plenty more where that came from!!” Oh joy….thank God I have my sunny holidays to look forward to!!! On the way home…I had a rather soggy Slim Fast shake…



Chocolate flavour today…not bad!!!

Re-wind time….

2. Get weighed….CHECK!!!

I used the crazy electronic scale thing at the gym, and….


WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! THAT’S 2LBS LOST!!!!! Happy happy happy!!! Although…apparently I’ve grown!? I was 5’45” last time!!?


I’m guessing this is ok…according to the little guidey effort underneath!!! I’ve never had my body fat tested before…one to keep an eye maybe!!?

5. Laundry and housework…FAIL!!!

Maybe later…nuff said!!

6. Figure Cramming…FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!

I don’t do work on my ONLY day off….that’s what train journeys were made for!!!

7. Show the world some foodie love…CHECK CHECKETY CHECK CHECK!!!

A mere 4 hours ago I logged on….I am one huuuunggrrrryy girl ay!!!

Whilst typing away, I made time for a quick bite to eat…a boiled egg with 1 slice wholemeal toast…



mmmmmm…egg plus ketchup, equals DELICIOUS!!!

I am sooo enjoying having my camera back….my food actually looks kinda yummy!!! I spend more time taking pictures of the food though instead of actually eating it!! Cold food anyone….no…don’t fancy it!!??? Ah, ok…looks nice though ay!!?

To top up my lunchy calories I had HALF a punet of grapes….bit greedy, but hey, once you pop….


On and on I rambled…..even until dinner!!!? I had been looking forward to this ALL day…tomato and red pepper pasta bake…


The breadcrumbs are the yummiest part and the sauce has a right kick!!! Super yum!!!

And so…to the here and now!! Maybe now I will have time to get stuck into that laundry….probably not though ay!!

Maybe I could make something for lunch tomorrow…I fancy a bit of baking…hmmmm let me see now, what could I make???

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  1. July 30, 2009 23:47

    hey there is that egg again! yum. your pasta looks so good. and HOORAY for your stats, are you serious, what great printouts! that should make up for missing the housework 😉 xoxo

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