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The Good, The Bad, and The Hungry!!!

July 26, 2009

MAAAAN I AM SO HUNGRY!!!!!! It has been such a screwed up day…I am not a fan of mid shifts….my tummy isn’t a fan either…they suck!!!

Maybe I should start at the beginning….which would be yesterday!!

Got up early for a quick gym sesh before work…and it really was a quickie….

Chomped on a slice of toast with peanut butter and jam in the car on the way there…


Just 10 mins on the rower and then weights….which took about 45 minutes, I am really starting to enjoy doing weights now that my programme has some form of structure…and I am a little more clued up on what I’m doing, the more I learn, the more excited I get about it all!!!

Came home and had a late breakfast of porridge, today instead of using any sweetener…I made it using a mashed up banana….it was yum…


It looks so flavourless and boring…but it was super tasty!!!

Then the joyous 11 hours of work began…

All I tend to think about (and talk about!!) in work…is my next meal!!! When will I have it, what shall I have, do I fancy a snack, how many calories in this, how many calories in that, is it time to eat yet!!?? My poor staff…they must be so sick of me and my belly!!!?

I had a late lunch…about 5 o’clock, wholemeal pita bread filled with an extra light laughing cow cheese (not my usual choice…but loving the individal wrappers for work!), 2 slices Quorn turkey flavoured meat substitute and spinach salad…it was something of a challenge to cram it all in!!!


OH MY SHIT!!!!! I have just had THE FRIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! The radio has just switched itself on…full blast…with NO reception….just noise!!!! Seriously scary….I thought it was a nuclear attack or something….swarm of killer bees….who knows!!! My heart is going like the clappers!!!!!!

I think I may be too traumatised to continue!!!!??? Food…yesterday….what…when!!!????


Oh yeah….I remember….it’s all coming back to me now!!! I was so impressed with Taste-Tastic Thursday’s youghurt concoction…I made it again!!


I thought, as I had made it in the morning and given the juices of the nectarines a good few hours to flow and flavour the yoghurt, it would be even tastier…but I wasn’t all that impressed…it was good…just not…good good!!!?? You know!!!?

What felt like 3 million years later…it was finally dinner time!!! Actually…6 hours…but I feel that is close enough….I hate eating so late…11pm is not a healthy meal time!!

But I was starving…I had to eat….so ultimate late night muchy food, beans on toast (with butter!!??) and a few slithers of cheddar….


And then….


JOB DONE!!!! Happy belly at last…I crashed out….only to be woken by Daz around 3am to crawl into bed!! Sleeping on the sofa is not cool…I always get a right sore ear….whats that all about ay!!???

SO…to the here and now…


I woke up waaaay late this morning….and had same old, same old for breakfast….


I’m a little concerned I’m getting a bit addicted to this stuff…I need a serious cereal detox I think…in fact mmmm….I right fancy a bowl now!!??? NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Today was a riiight drag!!! Tick…tock…tick…tock…..

I made a concious decision that I would have a treat day…and have whatever I fancied for lunch!!! I decided…after MUCH deliberation, on a ciabatta roll…filled with mozzarella and tomato, and tosted in the oven!!! Plus a few cheeky herb potatoes (aka…deep fried, diced potatoes)…they’re my favourites!!! I was super excited for my treat…it LOOKED yummy!!!??

It tasted…CRAP!!!! I cut into it, and it oozed grease….so I peeled some of the cheese of and managed to eat a small quarter!!! Euuugh!!! It was gross….and upon further inspection I realised that my bread had in fact been smothered in garlic butter prior to cooking!!!??? I couldn’t face another bite…let alone take any pitures…I was fuming!!! I munched on the herb potatoes…and some fresh ciabatta with mozzarella slices…but it WAS NOT NICE, I could feel the grease of the melted cheese infiltrating my body, it was awful….and it all seriously reapeated on me afterwards!!!

Unfortunately so did my yummy yoghurt…


Strawberries and blueberries today!!! I will trying that one again!!!

After my tummy so violently rejected my lunch…I got some serious munchies….

…a handful of chocolate minstrels….6 almond biscotti…..

And we’re all the way back to the beginnig….THE HUNGER!!!! The dreaded, overwhelming HUNGER!!!!

Just since I started writing….2 slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and jam….a WHITE? roll with a potato waffle and ketchup….and I am STILL HUNGRY!!! Where is my self control!!!????????  ARRRRGH…THIS IS SHEER HELL!!!!!!

All these guys chatting about their foodage….how is it that I am the only one (it would seem), who has these crazed moments where the will power just switches off…and the food monster inside takes over!!??? How is it physically possible…to be so good…ALL THE TIME!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!????

On the plus side…….”I have mostly been drinking…WATER!!!!” 5 whole pints…quite possibly the most I have EVER consumed in a day….but!!??? I thought water was supposed to fill you up!!!?????

I think this day shall be stricken from the record…never, shall I speak of these dietry travesties ever again!!!! Never, dream of another cheese sandwich!!!! Never ever shall I CHOOSE to inflict this suffering on my body (and mind), ever again!!!


Tomorrow is a new day!!! A GOOD DAY!!!!!


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  1. July 26, 2009 08:21

    haha your posts are so much fun to read. so full of energy and action! i feel like i am right there! creepy about the radio, um weird. dude, toast with PB & jam may be one of the best things out there. sucks that the meal you thought would be a nice treat turned out bad.. bummer!

  2. July 29, 2009 02:19

    You are not the only one whose willpower just shuts down LOL! Sometimes I face plant into chocolate chips or cashews. At least you are honest about all that on your blog. I don’t think everyone is! 😀

    • July 29, 2009 14:33

      mmmmm….cashews…how I miss thee!!! Although…I’m back on the PB and I haven’t ballooned just yet….so maybe just a few!!!?? lol

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