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July 24, 2009

HOLD THE PRESS PEOPLE….SHOCK HORROR…it has actually been a more than acceptable Thursday!!?? The ‘Thursday Curse’ is lifted!!! Wooohooo!!! (Well for this week anyway!?)

Maybe I should rename it….I just can’t thin of a fitting name right now…TERRFIC THURSDAY!!? Nah!! I shall keep thinking….

So what exactly has made my day so super??

Mainly just the fact that not very much at all has gone wrong!!!? Nothing much has happened!!! Well one thing did….watch this space!!!

On the go, desk based breakfast to start the day….


Sugar free museli and a small banana…in the worlds biggest breakfast bowl…for the worlds smallest cereal portion!!!???

And so the morning plodded on…many potential moments at which the curse could’ve picked is moment to strike….but NO…nothing!!!

I even managed to drink a whole glass of water….


NOW….THAT IS ALOT FOR ME!!! And made for some serious bathroom bonding time!!?? Bad times!!

And now for some completely unrelated news….check this beast of a parcel out….


or should I say….room for 3!!!??? Seriously…you could fit a person in this bad boy!!! How unbelievably unnesscessary….I am most disgusted by this effort

“SHAME ON YOU…element sendy people!!!!”

All the way from Italy too!!!!??????

Rant over…back to the grub….

Late morning…the chefs quite clearly had gotten bored of doing NOTHING….and this just randomly appeared….


I was pretty hungry…and I knew lunch was many many hours away…so I decided I would eat half with a little strawberry jam!!!

Instead however….I scoffed THE WHOLE THING, cause it was just so yummy!!!

And kept me going….all through my pretty uneventful afternoon!! As I was going for a run…I held off on lunch till about 5pm…I was started to get major pizza cravings, but my common sense actually kicked in, and realised it was just because I was super hungry and my pre-prepared healthy nosh would prove just as satisfying!!! So…I stuck to my guns…and….ta da….


Tuna pasta salad… was LUSH!!!! Yellow portion pot uncooked pasta with 1/2 can tuna in springwater, 1 teaspoon extra light mayo and sweetcorn on a bed of spinach salad!!

6pm….I charged out of work and power(ish) walked to the gym in town to meet the cool kids and put in some strides ie; to go running!!

Tonight was the longest run of the summer series at 6.7 miles…that’s like…OVER 10K!!?? I was a little worried as my legs were feeling a little tight from my gym efforts yesterday (man I need to get in on this protein action!!?)…but hey ho…off I jog!!

It was a lovely route….up through the city centre onto a rural tree lined path up to a small village right on the city outskirts, and then back to base through the river side meadows and along the river bank, a final sprint (with a few teensy hills) through the park and….COLLAPSE!!!

I enjoyed the route, but I struggled with the pace!! It was very…stop…start…cluster…sprint….stop…wait!! I can’t jog on ahead as I don’t know the route….it was odd being at the front of the pack…even a couple of the fast, fast guys made time for a wee chat…my I do feel honoured!!!

Whilst chillaxing in the gym foyer waiting for Daz to chauffeur me home…my boss called!!! My boss had spoken to his boss….and SUCCESS!!!! I have been PROMOTED…I am now officially second in command…aka; the fallback guy-ette!!! A nice little pay rise in there too….HAPPY DAYS!!!

I am loving the all NEW and IMPROVED, NON-CURSED THURSDAY!!! 🙂

Came home to dinner, almost, on the table!!! Mexican bean burgers with 100g WW chips and spinach salad with beetroot!! I couldn’t resist, and pushed my calorie allowance slightly with a wholemeal pita and some ketchup…it was worth it!!!


I have come to the conclusion…the black plate HAS TO GO!!! It is my special plate…it is big enough to support a main meal…but not quite dinner plate size….et voila….smaller portions!!! Just like that!!! But it DOES NOT love the camera…makes all my yummy food just look…crap!!! I am also feeling the need…for the banishing of the chips!! These were the last of the bag…I fully intend NOT to buy anymore!!

After dinner…I enjoyed a spot of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, USA!! I hate the UK version of this show….but the US ones are way more entertaining…quite possibly a favourite of mine at the moment!!! Gordon’s ‘au natural’ menu he had on the go for one of his flailing restaurants gave me the urge….


LIKE ONLY THE BEST YOGHURT…..EVER!!! I am…I am afraid…usually a slave to the flavoured yoghurt…HOWEVER…..

Nectarine chopped up with natural yoghurt, and a teeny drizzle of honey….SUPER LUSH!!! Loved it….be gone you sugary…additive filled yoghurts…hellloooo natural!!!

I think I may have my new name….TASTE-TASTIC THURSDAY!!!!

Yes…today was…Taste-tastic Thursday!!!! Well yesterday now actually….


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  1. July 24, 2009 08:36

    oh i love the header! super cute addition. i am glad thursday was a success! that tuna salad looks bomb.

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