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Tuesday IS the NEW CURSEDAY!!?

July 22, 2009

Okay….so it’s not Tuesday anymore..but I hate those big lonnnng update posts…they hurt my brain!!!

I woke up late, AGAIN!! Not late for anything in particular…just late in the day!!? I was feeling lazy so just museli and a chopped nana for breakfast…


I seriously needed that oaty goodness to fuel me through the mamouth pile of ebay goodies I had to pack and post…


Not the most fun I’ve ever had in my life…loving the extra pennies a bit of ebay action brings…but man I hate the before and after…such a mega chore!! I think my dad must’ve read my mind and offered to take them all to the post office for me!! Bless him x.

Kept it simple for lunch…finally the last of the jallapeno wraps…with extra light Philadelphia, spinach salad and 2 Quorn turkey stuffing slices…did the job good!!!


And a MEGA sized satsuma….


I don’t feel the photo does it justice….it was seriously huge…for a satsuma anyways!!!

I toddled off to work at 4pm and instantly I had some serious BAD FEELINGS for what lay ahead!!! Yes….it may have been quiet then…but my intuition was sensing the curse that lingered!!?? And sure enough….it was HORRIFIC!!! Mad mad busy…and bless my staff…they are all troopers (even though one girl had a kidney infection, and really should have not been there at all!?), they soldiered on!!! xx.

These kinda days are what make my job suck!!! Although it does mean that you get loads of exercise from running around like a mad seriously stressed out headless chicken…I was extra headless tonight I feel!!! And having no time to eat didn’t help…eventually…about 9:30pm, I managed to grab 10 minutes and inhaled half a carton of minestrone soup and a WHOLE ciabatta bread…


The soup was good…except it had COURGETTES!!! Yeeeeugghhh!!! Who puts courgettes in minestrone soup…I mean seriously…how rude!!!??

Then to brighten up my evening I had some berries and an Activia yoghurt…


It was a looong evening and I didn’t finish till gone midnight…not a usual occurance for a Tuesday at all!!!

Curseday hates my tummy too….and after such an impecable diet day, when I got home I was REAVENOUS!!! I had to eat….


Check out the graininess of that effort….even my camera couldn’t cope with the ridiculous hour!!! It tasted GOOOD though…wholemeal toast with peanut butter, half a banana, natural yogurt, blueberries and a wee drizzle of honey!! And a cup of low calorie hot chocolate…JOB DONE!!!

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