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1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days….More!!!???

July 21, 2009

It is waaaaay late…but Daz has run away to bed and it’s all nice and peaceful so perfect time to say helloooooo!!!!!

OK….so lets see….

Since Friday breakfast…what the devil has been goin on with me!!??

Well before I plodded off to work…I decided to have a mini brunch style effort for lunch…


I egg; scrambled, 2 grilled mushrooms, 1 Qourn sausage, 1 slice wholemeal toast and a yellow portion pot of baked beans!! It was YUM!!

But it just DID NOT DO THE JOB!!!??? Like half an hour later I was STARVING!!!?? I had barely been in work an hour before I decided I NEEDED food…before the tea time rush you see…I can’t possibly eat an evening meal at 9pm!? So…in an attempt to be healthy…but also being SICK of the pathetic selection of ‘healthy’  options…I had a Penne Arrabiata and as I was ravenous….a bowl of garlic dough balls…soooo naughty….but soooo good…and I was ready to rock and roll!!!!

I was very close to a cheeky sticky toffee pudding later…but I somehow manged to abstain….man it was hard though…and pointless because….

I got home….like 1am….and there lurking in the fridge was an about to go out of date chocolate trifle…bad times!!! I scoffed the lot!!! 😦


New day…new start….

I am filled with confidence, I will get up at 8am…go for a jog before work and eat super healthy food all day…and drink loads of water!!!!

HMMMPH!!!! Who the hell am I kiddin!????

Alarm went off at 8….up I jumped….and turned that bloody noisy pain in the ass right off….and happily carried on snoozing until 10:30!! Shame on me!!!

Breakfast was my favourite….porridge! With a huwge dollop of sugar free cherry preserve…and a teeny weeny satsuma for a wee vitamin c boost to help the iron along its merry way!!!


I didn’t want to falter at the first hurdle and cave in to pizza for lunch so I prepared a few bites to take with me…


A chili, jalpeno wrap effort (these are a litte higher in fat than I would like…and a bit spicy…but hey they need eating!?), a small salad of spinach and cherry tomatoes ( I get a salad in work and add these to give it SOME taste!!?) and then 2 Quorn chicken slices and some extra light Philadelphia. Plus an apple and a yoghurt for those pesky snack attacks!!?

So…..did this fine fodder actually even make it as far as my plate!!?????


YES!!!!! It was yum, yum, yum!!! Those wraps are actually REALLY GOOD, maybe it was the added extras of the spice, with the spicy sauce, and the extra spices, with a bit of hot stuff on the top that pushed me over the edge last time!!!?? 🙂 A lesson learned I feel…take note father!!!

And I hacked the apple up a few hours later…it was most flavoursome!!!


I hadn’t spoken to Daz allll day…he was sulkin at me I think….who knows why!!?? So I decided to butter him up I would take him a small pizza home…just a margareta!! As it was cooking away…I decided a garlic base would have been extra yummy…so instead…I spread a big dollop of garlic butter allllllll over the top!!! Fit, fitty, fit, fit!!!

Well the pizza made it out the door and to the car….and then half of it somehow made it all hte way to my mouth!!!??? Funny how that happens!!??

Of course that didn’t satisfy me meal wise and so when I got home at 11pm I had Special K…AND a slice of white toast with baked beans…and a teeny weeny bit of grated cheddar…tres naughty!!!!


Aaaaaah….Sunday….the day of horrors!!!!

My day did start out pretty ok…I actually managed to drag my lazy b-hind outa bed and pop out for a wee 5ish mile jog down the river!!!! YAY!!! FINALLY…go me!! A bit of a slow one today though…I was struggling….47minutes!!?? I did stop for a mo to say hello to the horses though….


They are sooo lovely…and always a guaranteed friendly face/or 2 along the otherwise usually deserted way!!!

I got home and had some quicky porridge….


and horror numero uno….NO JAM!!??? Some pesky little mite had polished it off….how very rude!!! So instead I mixed in half a banana cut into chunks…it was quite acceptable…a most pleasing alternative I feel!!

I was in a super mood for the few hours of the day too…most rare for me on a Sunday!!!

But them came the true extent of the Sunday horrors, the FREE desserts!!!???? Yes….as part of our Harry Potter ‘celbrations’ Sunday brought with it the torture of the great desserts giveaway!!! And man those desserts are GOOD!!!! My favourite is the sticky toffeee pudding…which I have been harping on about for days anyway…my boss keeps offering to share one with me…but I have been strong…I said NO!!!!!

I made it all the way till lunch (which was quite good seeing as it was 4pm!!?) and delved into the sma eyummy fodder as yesterday…a wrap and salad!!!


Poor photo skills…I know!!!

I soldiered on…through the endless stream of chocolate marble cheesecake….and cherry crumble…and oh….so many yummy things…and at 10pm anounced to my boss that I was BORED and HUNGRY and was going home!!!!

I finally slumped onto the couch…all ready for some Family Guy action at like 10:30…but instead….

My running shoes were thrust upon me…and Daz announced he wanted to go for a run!!! “Its 10:30 at night man…are you crazy!??” YES…he is!! And so am I…because off we trotted!! A quick 2 mile sprint around the city walls!!


Pretty huh!!?? Now…imagine that in the DARK!!! Barely a street light in sight….and there were some crazy lurkers out there I tell ya!!! Seriously SCARY SHIT!!! Although I did comemto the conclusion that of all the random people out and about up there….us 2 jogging…probably do look pretty crazy…at least we’re not of the meancing variety!!! I was on fire…Daz was crap!! He kept blaming his knee…but eventually he admitted he was just K-NACKERED!!! He did try to power past me for a winning finish however….what a cheater…after walking most of the way!!?? Anyway…WE made it round in just over 17 minutes…not sooo bad!!!

Daz decided at 12 midnight then, that he had a mad craving for spaghetti bolognese…so I made it for him!! I knew I shouldn’t have…being so late…but I had some too!!?


Even my lamo camera wasn’t loving it!!! Night mode is SO not an alternative to a flash!!???

At least my belly was all happy and full when I went to bed!!



6:30am….alarm sounds…alarm is promptly switched off!!!

8am…Cei is due to start work!??

8:52am…Cei’s boss decides to TEXT her in a lame attempt to rouse her from her happy slumber….although dreaming about WORK? I hasten to add!!???

9:30am…Cei’s phone rings and is answered with “Oh my shit!!” The response to which was her boss laughing…and telling her NOT TO HURRY!!????

10am….Cei arrives at work; and informs her boss that he is the SHITTEST ‘bossy’ boss that she has ever known…and if it was the other way around he would have received a verbal ass kicking at little past 8:20am!!!! He laughed!!!??? I informed him that I still needed to leave at 6…as I had a hot gym date…”no problemo!!”

I did manage to squeeze in a quick brekkie in the midst of my mad dash to work…AND take a photo!!!


Museli!! I never have museli…and the portion size was teeny tiny…I decided to let it soak a mo…to make it LOOK more filling!!

Upon arrival at work…I was pressented with a super strong americano coffee…and a big pile of stock sheets!!! Gee…thanks guys!!! 🙂

I have to say…WOWZER to the museli!!! TOP MARKS on tummy filling value!!! I lasted all the way till 5pm before it even occured to me that I may be I had a couple of slices of mango….


And then I tucked into a late lunch..aka pre-run fuel of wholemeal toast…with 1 banana, sliced and a vanilla Activia yogurt!! Apparently this was pretty scary to my staff who either burst into fits of giggles…or ran away screaching something about “tooo healthy!!” I though it was delish!!!


On finishing work…I power walked 30 minutes to the gym….and just made it out in time to catch the running club, tonight was route 4…6 miles of country roads….dirt tracks and canal footpaths in scorching sun!!! It was a KILLER!!! But I had fun…I’m one of the faster of the mid speed group…which is pretty cool considering I’m something of a newbie!!!

Half way round though…some HORRID meat head men felt the need to stop their car in street…especially to inform me that I had a “fat a*@!” I tried to shrug it off…but what a nasty thing to do!!! My ass is a work in progress…it may not be the pertest…but it’s not THAT FAT!!!?? Or at least…I didn’t think it was!!??? Daz assured me it was lovely…and kinda looked like he was about ready to go hunt them down and do some damage!!! xxxx.

I chugged on anyway…fat…wobbly bum and all!!!

After my casual little mini (almost 10k) run…I headed up to the gym to see if they had my weights program ready…the dude was busy so I decided to wait and hopped onto the toning tables for 15 minutes….they felt gooood!!! Nice for a lovley relaxing stretch after all that cardio!!

The programme is pretty simple…just to ease me into it!!!


  • Arm Extensions~15 reps~3 sets
  • Preacher (bicep curls)~15 reps~3 sets…I’ve never used this once before IT HURT!!!
  • Bicep Curls~15 reps~3sets
  • Tricep Extensions~15 reps~3 sets (I had never used the equipment for these before…and STILL haven’t…yeah, cheers for the help MATE!!?)
  • CV~10 minutes brisk walk (I skipped this too…seein as how I was all cardioed out!!)
  • Leg Extensions~12 reps~3sets
  • Leg Curls~12 reps~3 sets
  • Leg Press~12 reps~3 sets
  • Hamstrings Floorwork~??? I have no idea…he didn’t tell me…most helpful indeed!!?
  • Abduction (Inner)~12 reps~3 sets
  • Abduction (Outer)~12 reps~3 sets
  • Calf Extension~12 reps~3 sets (I liked this one!!! Seriously felt the burn!!)
  • Lower Back~20 reps~3 sets
  • Total Abdominals~20 reps~3 sets
  • Torso Rotator~20 reps~3 sets

Then we decided to go shopping….I got lots of yummy fruit and veg….and oh….lots of yummy things!!!! And courtesy of the credit crunch Daz’s wallet parted ways with £85…truly extortionate!!!

It was late when we got home…so I decided a protein abundant meal would be the best choice and so I had an omelette with 2 eggs and mushrooms, with 3 plum tomatoes on the side…


Accompanied with a cheeky half of cider with lime cordial….


I am technically allowed 1 small glass of wine a day on my diet….and I haven’t had a single alcoholic drink since Daz’s brothers wedding in May…so I feel this is kinda ok!!?

And then….I got stuck into this bad boy…and it is now 3:52 AM!!?? And what a delightful essay it is ay!!!?? A true foodie diary of monotony….but hey…it’s serving it’s purpose…no cheating when it’s all on camera ay!!! 🙂


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