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The Lights Are On…But Nobody’s Home!!!??

July 17, 2009

My POOOOOOOR POOOOORLY Laptop…..Please wake up….I miss you!!!


Thats it!!!!!! I’ve tried all the tricks in the book…our laptop fixy man is clueless…its officially KAPUT!!!!! I’m so sad…and sharing a computer is a right pain in the duper!!!


I’m sorts gettin the hang of this piccie taking…..breakfast was a blue portion pot of porridge oats….


But maaaan I seriously need a phone upgrade….this camera just DOES NOT cut the mustard!!!!????

Anyway…back to the porridge…cooked with 1 blue portion pot water, 1 blue portion pot semi-skimmed milk and 2 sweeteners!! Topped with a BIIG spoon of reduced sugar cherry preserve…


Oh and a coffee and some vitamins on the side….


The portion pots are fab!!!! A big part of my diet is portion control…so they really help, especially when it comes to things like oats and pasta where its easy to get carried away!!! I just can’t account for swellage factor when it goes into the pan and always used to end up with TONNES of food….and I hate waste…so it all makes its way into the pie hole!!!!???

Being a vegetarian…I do struggle to get enough iron and vitamin B into my diet and have noticed a BIIIG difference since I’ve started taking supplements….my spacey dazes have nearly all but been eliminated!!! Happy days!!!

I’ve decided to take a rest day today….a bit of a risk as I almost NEVER get time to fit in a workout at the weekends…but my legs have been seriously abused recently, and I feel they deserve a well earned break!!! They’re not particular sore…but quite heavy and tired, and it’s going to be a loooong weekend in work so they will see plently of action there!!!

Well it is off to work for me….3 posts in 3 days, I really am getting the hang of this shit!!! Loves it!!! Now if I could just find a pen…I would update my seriously neglected diary of the food variety…..

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  1. July 17, 2009 14:15

    Rest days are really important and it’s great that you are listening to your body when it wants something different than your planned schedule 😀

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