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July 17, 2009

Thursday is Curseday…FACT!!!

Why do Thursdays hate me so!!???

After my marathon blog update session last night….I woke up super late this morning and had like…half an hour to get ready for work…BAD TIMES!!

I had been all organised though and prepared my breakfast and snacks for the day last night…

Planned foodage included Special K with banana for breakfast….a jacket potato and beans for lunch with a piece of fruit, and then a couple of spare ‘power snacks’ in case I got p-p-peckish!!

However….at about 9am…it all just went wrong…BIG TIME!!! Mr Financial Auditor for the company showed up for our annual audit of joy!?? The area trainer waltzed in and our Operations Manager was threatening a visit!!! Geez….how stressful can a morning get!!??????

So for the 1st time in 4 months, I semi-skipped breakfast and managed a sip of coffee about 10am….

My manager brought that cup- ‘special’ for meeeee!!! It looks like a fancy cappuccino…but is in fact a plain old boring double americano topped with a teensy bit of frothed milk!! I NEEDED THAT!!!

Normally I eat my cereal at the bar…whilst I chill with a coffee before the first of the crazy morning coffee kids arrive (ie; the moaning granny parade!!), no time for that kind of business today though…it was all stock…and finances….and HEADACHE!!!

About 11am…my stomach was about to explode with hunger, and I managed to escape for a super quick bite…

A toasted WHITE english muffin with 1 FRIED egg and jam…oh and a dollop of ketchup on the side!!

I forgot about my new photo mission till I’d nearly finished the egg half!!! Silly moi!!!

I don’t normally eat white bread products…or fried food but hey…desperate times and all!!!!

I thought I would try and redeem myself a little and settled for breakfast as intended…for lunch!! So Special K with half a banana…I forgot about the whole picture malarky until I was licking the bowl clean (BIG TIME HUNGRY!!), stress is not my stomachs friend…oh no!!!

RUNNNNING TIME….Woooohooooo!!!!!

I did still manage to escape at 5pm though…and with a bit of a dash on made it to the gym to meet with my potential new running club!! I was a little early…but the weather was seriously lame, was anyone going to actually turn up!!???

Oh hello….a mini crowd of folk in fluorescent half marathon vests and running tights….I have found my flock!!!!!!!!!

I was waaaaay the youngest person there…but still really worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the talk of 6 minute miles….that is NOT how I roll!!! Not yet anyway!!!

We started off with a 2 mile warm up run to a local high school to use the running track….that is…the school field!!!? It was seriously naaaaasty out there….

…cold…and wet!!! BUT GREAT FUN!!!!

I LOVE running in the rain…you don’t get all sticky and…meh…like you do in warm weather!!! Perfecto conditions!! I have never done speed training before….it was hard at first, but after about 6 laps I started to get into my stride! 1 minute at a fast pace with 30 seconds rest at a slow jog…I have no idea how many sets we did…but maaaaan it hurt!!!!

After the 2 mile run back to base…..I was in major need of food!!!

Dad had made super spicy enchilada efforts for tea…

Mine had roasted sweet potato, mushroom, garlic and strips of Quorn chicken with spicy tomato sauce wrapped in spicy jalapeno wraps topped with a little more sauce….and a few bits of green on the side!!?

They were good…but I’m feeling the spicy tortillas were maybe, a step too far!!!

My mouth was seriously suffering…so a nice cooling yoghurt was in order (Activia, fat free), and a yummy slice of galia melon and a satsuma.

So curseday…kinda ended up turning out ok (although I did just nearly delete my entire post!!? Cue heart failure!!) I’m really excited for my next running sesh….hopefully will be able to get out on Monday or Thursday again….AND my new weights programme will be ready by then tooo!!! Happy happy happy!!!

My what a dull life I do lead!!!????

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