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A Laaaaazzzy Day!!??

July 16, 2009

Or was it??

Today…I had my fist day off since last Monday…thats like 8 days of solid work stress ago!! I just felt like a right good chillax….so thats what I did!! I have recenlty discovered Janetha’s blog Meals and Moves she has really inspired me to finally get on top of my blog…I am seriously digging her awesome outlook on life!! So I have spent my day playing with layouts…umming and ahhhing…Blogger v’s WordPress….I am still undecided so am going to try my posts on both!! Bit of a hassle…but hey!!

So breakfast….a Rosemary Conley Blue Portion Pot of porridge made with half water half milk and a big dollop of reduced sugar cherry preserve on top…


Super tasty…as always!!!

I got waaay carried away playing around with my blog and totally forgot about food until late afternoon!! Lunch was a bit of an experiment…I decided to take a bunch of my favourite ‘on toast’ ingredients and stuff them all into a toated sandwich!!!


Baked beans, 2 mushrooms and 1 Quorn sausage!! It was tasty…and really filled me up!!

Lazing on the sofa I had an excellent view out of the window…and noticed that the sky looked crazy grey…



Fat Club Time!!!

Have I lost…or have I gained!!???

As I was off work I opted to go to the earlier fat club class at 6pm and so set off on my bike for the 5 mile ride with an Activia fat free yoghurt for a bit of extra energy!!!

I was the first to arrive…and a little puzzled to see Francine just sitting in her car in the car park? Fat Club had been DOUBLE BOOKED!!?? The school were putting on a play and we couldn’t use the hall!? Oh Dear!! Francine got the scales out all the same…right there in the car park!! I had lost 4 lbs….yaaaaaayyyyy!!! Hooooray….I am sooooo happy to see a loss!! Only 3lbs and I will be in the Beyonce bracket!! 9 stone here I come!!

Total poundage lost to date = 47!!! Happy face 🙂

One of the ladies suggested a session on the field…but instead of hanging around I decided to get a gym session in instead!! After a 4 mile uphill cycle to the gym I was k-nackered and felt truly cardio’d out so…to the weights it was!! I started my crazy random weights, (non) routine as always!! Mr Huge..the gym instructor was chillin at his desk, so I finally decided to ASK FOR HELP!!! I explained that I was clueless…and just needed to tone up! He is designing a weights routine for me as I speak which he will show me next week!!! Yay…I will finally know what I’m doing!!!

7pm was circuits!! Todays session was different than last time…1 minute of each activity in a cluster of 4 and then 4 minutes running!! It’s good that everyone else seems to be as clueless as me with the circuit…but todays instructor was really helpful and showed you how to do all the exercies properly and really pushed you!! After an hour I was super tired and not thrilled about the ride home!! My poor little legs…you have served me well today xxx.

Dinner time…finally…


Wholewheat spaghetti with mushroom, cherry tomatoes, Quorn chicken pieces and spinach with a teeny tiny spoonful of pesto all washed down with a nice cup of earl grey tea!!

Just what I needed!!!

Pudding was a naughty little bowl of frozen summer berries and low fat ice cream!! Yummmmy!!!

And so to now…it was over 3 HOURS ago that I began my mamouth update…I pledge to myslef I will never allow myself to be such a poor effort of a blogger…ever again!!!

It’s major sleepy time now…I’m finishing work early again tomorrow though…I have a hot date with a running club!!! Uber excited!!!

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