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BIIIIIG Catchup!!!

July 16, 2009

I only really write this blog for me…it helps to keep me on track!! But man I get annoyed with myself when I don’t write!!? I love getting my blogger stalk on…but just cannay be mithered to update myself!!? So….here we go, I am going to tackle the almighty update!!!

I’ve been playing with my blogs all day…and have made a right mess over at 1 Stone, 2 Stone, 3 Stone More… so I have given up and started again!!! Hence the crazy dates on my recent posts as I’ve had to copy them over!!?? Silly me!!!

So The Onset of Craziness in fact occurred on 6th July…well what have I been up to since then!!?? Let me think….


Major dilemma…I LOST MY SPORTS BRA!!! Yes I only have one!!??? I was seriously traumatised…I literally pulled the house to pieces…rifled through EVERY item of clothing…clean and dirty…IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! So I had to go ‘au regular bra’ to my Fat Club class…not my chests finest half hour!!!

Well at that weeks fat club I was mortified to find that I had gained weight…AGAIN!!!! WTF!!! I gained 2 whole lbs!! How on earth did that happen…I had been so good…I had run my 1st 10k, done crazy amounts of cardio….I was feeling sufficiently deflated!! Francine suggested maybe my portion sizes had been creeping up!? So I had a good think…a really, long hard good think!!! Had I been eating more???

HELL YEAH!!!! On reflection I realised I had been eating like a P.I.G!!!! Yes I had done some mega cardio….but I had also sat on my lazy old ass doing nothing the rest of the week…eating ‘low fat’ ice cream!! Yes I truly deserved that weight gain….lessons HAVE been learned!!!!


I ran!!! I love my river runs…a mostly flat 5 mile loop which is run along cycle paths and country roads…it feels like a million miles away from the local housing estate!!

There’s always 2 big gorgeous horses tethered somewhere along the river who I like to say hello to…


This is like…the worlds longest road to run up….


The final sprint to home includes this little beast of a hill…



Weekends do not allow for much on the exercise front…and as I was BOSS for the week I had some major stress on the go!!!!

Saturday night though…I did manage to escape after a mere 12 and a half hours at 8:30…a most rare occurance at the weekend!! Daz decided to treat me to dinner and a movie…another rare occurance!!?? We decided on Bella Pasta for dinner…shit service…but lovely food!!! I had Penne Fresco…pasta tossed in olive oil with goats cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and pine nuts!!! Mmmmm….mmmmm….mmmmm!!! We shared some cheesy garlic bread too….it was all just lurvely!!! Daz chose the film…Bruno??? It was amusing at best!! I had a few chuckles…but I was happy tucking into my SMALL popcorn (I have NEVER had a small before)…I let Daz creep a couple of handfuls but I pretty much devoured the whole lot….AND half a packet of Maltesers (but they are the lighter way to enjoy chocolate)!!! All in all it was a gooood night!!! A real treat…thank you Daz xxxx.


I had meant to get up early…go to the gym!!! But that almost never happens these days…my energy levels in the mornings are waaay low!!! I finally dragged myself off the sofa at like 1pm and decided I could muster together the energy for a run!!! River route again…it was a good one!!! I should have been extra motivated, especially as I had some NEW RUNNING TIGHTS!!!! I have not worn anything skin tight ie; legging style since I had some dodgy pink Disney leggings when I was like…7 and my Grandma used to dress me!!! They looked crazy teeny tiny!! How in a million years would I fit my beast-esque thunder thighs into those bad boys!??? Well I DID!!!! I they don’t look all THAT terrible…a bit of a wobble on the go….not all that bad at all!! Daz had insisted on treating me to a new sports bra…so I was feeling uber athletic for my run, and took my phone with me so that I could actually time myself for a change!!! I was most pleased with my 9.54minute mile…possibly a PB I feel…but I normally just guesstimate my time…so we shall see!!!


The real boss was back in work so I had a super boring stock day!!! 12 hours of paperwork = not cool!!! I decided at 8pm I had HAD ENOUGH and was in desperate need of some gym action…it had been like a whole week since my marathon session!!! I power walked the mile home…that hill is NOT fun in a pencil skirt…man you can feel the burn!! My room was a mess and I couldn’t find the gym pants I wanted, so I threw a MAJOR hissy fit!! Throwing shit around…banging doors…I should really learn to put my clean clothes away…not just leave them in a pile, which then turns into a heap…and then gets some dirty stuff thrown on top!!! I was A.N.G.R.Y!!! I wasted a good 15 minutes…then found my pants….hanging on the back of my bedroom door!!! Of course…where else would they be!??

I had to cycle the 2 or 3 miles to the gym as Daz was playing football…I was super fuelled with rage and cycled like a crazy woman!!! I finally got to the gym an hour and a half before closing…I had a major sweat on already so I decided to just do 15 minutes on the treadmill to start…at a super charged 11km/h and managed to get in 2.6km!! Then I concentrated on weights…I’m a bit clueless in the weights department (something I have decided to finally address…watch this space) so I just did a bit of a random circuit!? I went for mega reps and mostly just kept going to exhaustion!! So…we had shoulder presses, chest presses, lateral pull downs, abdominal crunches (3 sets machine assisted and 5 sets on the floor), leg curls, then there’s the ones I don’t remember the names of…the waist thingy, and the back thingy, and the triceps thingy…I must get some help with this stuff!!!


Nearly there!!! I had a lovely little treat of an 8-4 in work….but I did still manage to waaay over eat in that short time!!! Well not so much over eat…as over indulge!!! Breakfast was my usual work effort…Special K with half a banana (but I used out of date milk…DOH!! It smelled ok!! But man my tummy paid for it!!) Lunch was maaad busy…and I was starved!!! So I caved to the cravings and had pizza!!! I pretty much had this….


Goats cheese, mushrooms and pineapple (I don’t do onions or peppers)…of the curses of working at a pizza/pasta restaurant!!! It was gooood though…and as a super treat I had a little pot of blue cheese dressing and a teeny dip of pesto mayo….heavenly!!!

I fully intended to get home…go gym!!! But no….I watched re-runs of Ricki Lake and Sally Jesse Whatever…because there was nothing else on, and set up my new Home Hub Wireless Router. The Simpsons…and Holloaks followed, and I still hadn’t moved so when Daz called and said he was heading out and could pick me up I finally made the decision to MOVE!!! I opted for a leisurely swim…my muscles were pretty sore from by crazy weights session the night before and I couldn’t face high impact of any description!! I did 50 laps…alternating vigorous breast-stroke and front crawl…I don’t normally attempt front crawl cause I just can’t get the breathing but today I slowed the pace a little, and reduced my strokes between breaths and I managed ok!! I was still forcing a wheezy quick inhale/exhale whilst my head was out of the water, rather than the correct way of inhaling whilst the head is up, exhaling whilst the head is down…but I just cannay do it!!! I swam for 45 mins…and was sufficiently sweating once I was done!! I opted to walk the 2 miles home…it had been raining earlier but I decided to risk it rather than waiting 30 minutes for the bus!? I had barley walked half a mile and the heavens opened…BIG TIME!!! I got drenched…my jeans, which are already waaay too big for me were hanging down my ass…Boyz In The Hood Style, not a good look, not even in studentville!! I ended up walking most of the way clutching my waistband tightly just to retain an inkling of dignity!!

Tea was chili…my dad had used some different spices to usual and it was fab!! I had a small bowl with some roasted sweet potato and stuffed it all into a seeded pita with some low fat creme fraiche…delish!!! Sweet potato and creme fraiche is THE most awesome combination!! I followed up with a naughty treat of frozen summer berries with a scoop of low fat ice cream and the last of the creme fraiche!!

Happy…with a lovely full tummy….I crashed….

And then it was TODAY!!!!

Finally I made it…I don’t half chat some shit!!!! A big congratulations is in order I feel!!!

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