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It’s A Nice Day, For A…10k!!

August 24, 2009

Eats 074

Eats 076Eats 078




Readyyyy…..Settttt…..GO….. I was up at 7, I showered, I dressed and devoured an oh so beautiful bowl of protein, cinnamon and banana oats….yummay. /8:41am we hopped onto train numero one…thats my dad strikin a pose there. /9:10am, we arrive in the delightful deserted Warrington, and march accross town map in hand to catch train numero deux…4 minutes, and….”helloooo Birchwood, I am ready to run”

Eats 086Eats 085Eats 095





Or am I?? My hamstrings are still feeling ‘tres tight’ not cool, not cool at all?? Anyways /10am, I drop into Race HQ to drop off Daz’s number and race chip, the woman growls and snatches them outa my hands!?? /10:10am, time for some presto chango action….lucky I came semi-prepared and went for layers, as it’s a mid car park job [I didn’t fancy the portaloo for gettin naked??] /10.20am, I strike a few poses, and head off to find the start line…hmmmm interesting use of a shopping trolley?? Not entirely sure what that was all about?? And lucky I didn’t opt for a portaloo change…check out that queue. Just enough time for a much needed stretch…..and……

Eats 097Eats 100Eats 102




Eats 103

 Eats 105  Eats 113

Oh hello? /10:31am, and we’re off…….

Phew it’s hot….maybe I should slow down a little? Don’t want to burn out too soon…hey 1km, where did you come from?? 2km….3km….oh yeah, I forgot, hamstrings…tight you say? Nah, these leg’s are on fire baby!!! Hey, Mister….your drivin on the wrong side of the road?? Now now…chill ya beans, get back in ya car love…it’s only one day a year…it’s not the marshall’s fault the road’s closed!!! 4km…5km….aaaaaah, water never tasted so sweet….6km, phew….that’s a fair few dudes I’ve over taken there??? Oh wait, noooooo….not the dreaded shoulder ache?? Nope, we’re good…it’s gone!!! Right…keep pushing, 7km….ohhhh my shit!!! That is one big beast of a hill….I’ll never make it??? Oh yee of little faith…hills are my thang….let’s get that sprint on….ohhhh yeah!!! Lookin good!!! Hey, hey, 8km…and another hill??? Yeah baby…another hill!!! La, la, la , la…”brand new Nike back for good, lose your Rolex, rip your t-shirt, bounce up till both your knees hurt…..” Pheweeeee….9km…..I love you….last hill…come on, let’s rock this thang!!! There it is…the big finish….let’s go, let’s go…faster….faster….hey, weren’t you ahead of me like 2 miles ago?? Run…run…run…….

Eats 109Eats 110





Eats 111Eats 114Eats 091





00:53:35/6.6 miles JOB DONE!!!

Never have I beamed so much!!! Flowers…for me? Thank you x. Photo op…strike a pose, and another, and another!! Right, stop…I neeed sustinance….Slim Fast…you’ll do! Annnddd…..breathe….

How happy am I right now….53 minutes, 35seconds??? That’s like….a whole 10 minutes faster than my last 10k…less than 2 months ago!! Chuffed?? You betcha!!!

8:07 per mile….that’s an equal PB, previously set over 5km!!? I am sooooo happy right now!!

/11:45am…let’s get this sweaty, tired ass back home!!

A hop, skip, 2 trains and a mini trek later….I was home, it was all over [sad face]!! What a day!!?

What to do now??? After all that excitement, I am pooped….it’s tv on, laptop at the ready…and chill!!

Maybe just enough energy to whip up a quick lunch….mmmmm egg mayo wrap?? No…wait….is that an avocado I spy….guacamole wrap… that is a plan!!



Maaaaan, that was soooo goooood!! I had promised myself a bread free day after yesterdays bread-fest, but hey….it’s only semi-bready, and it was worth it!!

As I munched and chilled, I had a flick through the freebie running mag from the race….and when I say flick….I mean, read from cover to cover….and I never do that with magazines???

Some of the words really rang true with me…

“If someone says, ‘Hey, I ran 100 miles this week. How far did you run?’ Ignore him! What the hell difference does it make?…The magic is in the man, not the 100 miles.”

Sam Dee, Olympics athletics coach

So many of the guys in my running club are so overly concerned with how far…and how fast everyone else can run?? Who cares….concentrate on your own run people!! In future…they can mind their own business…I run for me, for my fitness, my health, the only person I am competting against…is me!!

hmmmph….so there!!

Another little tit bit had me chuckling….tips on motivation…number 25:

“Get naked and jump up and down in front of the mirror. Still not sure if you need run…?”

Julia Buckley for Running Free, August 2009

Quite possibly the best motivational tip…EVER???

As I read….I snacked….those delish l’il plums again…


Dinner time soon crept up….I had been looking forward to pasta bake all week; red pepper and tomato with herby breadcrumbs…mmmmm, I added some Quorn chicken for protein and peas for a bit of greenery….


Oh noooo….I just realised….breadcrumbs….bread!!??? Darn it!! And I was doing so well too???

I did have a naughty-ish li’l treat for pud…some sugar free strawberry Angel Delight….a perfect end…to a perfect day I feel…..

A long day….and an even loonnnnger post [whoopsie…I got a bit carried away ay??]

Could there possibly be anything left to say??

Just that….

I will sleep very, very happy tonight xxx.


Sunny Side UP!

August 23, 2009
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I’mmmmmm back!!?? Kinda…..

I think yesterday’s moanfest actually did me the world of good….venting is by far the best therapy!!

Today…the sun is shining, sort of….and I’m feeling goooood, if not a little sleepy, but hey…what’s new there??

So let’s get this blog a-rockin….

A bit of a random breakfast photie today….I thought I would share some of our fresh beautiful ugly plastic ikea table-ware??? Oh the joys of working for a big corporate company….NO TASTE!! At least my breakfast was tasty….protein museli never fails to hit the spot 🙂

Eats 181

It was a bit of a plod along morning…not alot goin down to be honest, just a greasy ass sunny side up fried egg with a toasted muffin….I was craving the gooey yolkiness and needed something quick…

Eats 185

Heavy on the grease….heavy on the refined carbs…heavy on the sugar!!?? Why oh why did I inflict this on my body… tasted good at the time….but I felt really yukky afterwards!!?? That’ll teach me to head into lunch so unprepared….and I was a Girl Guide too, I should know better, quite clearly not a very good one ay???

After work….I needed to ‘pop’ into town….2 mile walk there, and 2 mile walk home….not quite my idea of ‘popping’, but after my lunch time grease fest….I feel the extra walk was necessary?? My hammies were happy of the stretch too….my legs are still sooo sore from my lower body workout 2 DAYS ago!!?? A tad worrying to say the least…when I have a 6 mile race tomorrow!!??

I must now make a shocking confession….I hang my head in telling you….

“today….for the first time in 6 months….I HAD to go into MacDonalds!!”

Yep, you heard me right…I HAD to!!??

That greasy, tasteless, sweaty food makes me feel SICK…but I was sooooo desperate for the loo….it really was my only option, what can I say!! 🙂 Saying that though…to be fair my grease-infested lunch was basically just an egg muffin…minus the manky plastic wrapper!!?? Now I feel extra gross, I can taste the grease…yuk, and that was like, over 9 hours ago!!??

After my delightful walkathon in my pinchy work shoes….just for a singular item of makeup?? I finally made it home around 6ish….I was peckish so I gave into the pb urge with 2 slices of pb+jam on toast….I woulda snapped a shot, but hey….where’d it go??? mmmm….happy tum :

I was set for an upper bod workout today…but I was concerned by my current muscle aches, and thought maybe I should take today off in respect of  race day tomorrow and all!!?? In all honesty, I haven’t changed my training pattern for it at all…no rest days or anything, I figure I run in excess of 6 miles several times a week anyway…so I shall just treat it as a regular run…just with a little extra competition thrown in!!??

By 7….I had crashed!!?? I have a vague recollection of my dad taking my laptop off me before it landed face first on the floor….other than that….a lovely little sofa snooze, a bit of a waste of one of my very few proper nights off…but hey, if ya body needin it…just go with it!!??

I was feeling very grogy and verrrry hungry when I finally rose my slumber 3 hours later, I had earlier planned on some yummy pasta for dinner, but considering the time, I followed my craving and caved to yet more comfort food….and even more carbs!!?? Cheesey beans on toast…

Eats 187

Technically, the beans do count as a portion of veg…but hmmmm….green stuff anyone, bit of leaf wouldn’t go amiss ay??? Todays stodgey foder proberly had about as much nutritional value as that nasty plastic plant effort from earlier????? Tsk tsk!!

Right….it’s late, and I have some serious running action on the go tomorrow….my dad is gonna come with as some extra moral support, seeing as the lamo bf has bottled it on me???? Bring on the race, running shoes….at the ready, 60 minutes…easy!!??

Insert Smiley Face….Here?

August 22, 2009

It’s another sleepy one from me….

And some sketchy photo skills to say the least!!??

I must firstly apologise…I am painfully aware of just what a negative nancy I am being of late….I have made an executive decision…paint it on, and suck it up woman…geeeeez!!??

Well…..maybe just a mini rant??? With a positive spin??? Could work…..

  1. I am majorly exhausted and need some proper time off [6 day weeks are so not cool?]….but, the hard work is worth it, I am progressing well at work and making a good name for myself in the company.
  2. I have no ‘me’ time…unless of course you count like, 10 hours a week at the gym [is that a positive]
  3. I am lonely, and find it very difficult to factor my friendships into my lifestyle…but, I am no longer a Facebook addict!!??
  4. I never see my boyfriend anymore, he works while I sleep, he sleeps while I work/chill/gym it. He prioritises work over me, even though his work makes him [and me] miserable…but, in the long run he is working hard to help build for a stable future
  5. We had planned to run a 10k together at the weekend, but now he has decided he is too busy with work, he is unsupportive of my athletic endeavors, and I sometimes feel that he is unapproving and resentful? of my recent weight loss, even though he can see that it is a positive step for me and is making me happier….and breathe! But….I am happier, and my main priority in my diet, is me, we are all allowed to be a little selfish from time to time!!??
  6. I booked…and worked hard for a nice holiday as a birthday treat for him [well us], which he however has no interest in, despite the fact we have not taken any real time off in at least 2 years, and acts as though taking 2 weeks of work is nothing more than a hinderance and inconvenience to his business….but it shows that he has passion and commitment for his work…big efffing woop!!!?? For this one…I think the miser in me wins!!??

Hmmmm….I think that helped….I don’t like to set such a negative tone for the post…right time to paint on that Bank Holiday Monday smile, big and cheesy, and get on with it…..chin up….

After all….

It’s time for a Taste-tastic Thursday breakfast….banana and honey protein oats….yum yum yum, get in my tum….

Eats 159

Eats 161

So good!!

After breakfast…realising I really must get a cardio sesh on the go…so I forced my lazy duper of the sofa, and headed out for a mini run…

  • 3.16 miles
  • 25 mins, 38 seconds
  • 8.07 mins/mile
  • 300 calories

Phew…it was crazy hot, I was not expecting that!!?? I was a little disapointed with my time, my second mile I got a right sprint on, and then I just lost it??? But….I’m getting there, slowly and steadily 🙂

After my run…as it was technically a lower body workout day, I got out the dumbbells and got to grips with some squatting and lunging efforts with the comapny of some proper athletes courtesy of the World Athletic Championships….NB I hate lunges, crazy stupid exercisen and reverse crunches…HOW painful???? Pheweeeeeee!!

Post run [and cripling midrift activity] I had THE most amazing protein yoghurt EVER…

Eats 164

So…I am aware that they do not appear to be all that amazing, the amazingness was the yoghurt itself!! Normally I just buy the supermarket’s own brand yoghurt, which is cheap enough, and tastes nice, but….this week I treated myself a bit, and got some fancy yoghurt as it was on offer. So so so so so good, creamy and light, and ohhhhh just heaven…once I added the vanilla protein it was more like a deliscious creamy dessert!!?? I just cannot express my joy at this little meal enough!!

I must also mention….as per my mini challenge set earlier in the week, I had already consumed my targeted 2 glasses of water by this point….pat on the back me, yay [insert smiley face here]

Lunch was some lazy work foder…

Eats 167

Did exactly what it said on the tin!!

Kept me fullup till dinner….

Hmmmm dinner?? Hellooooo, dinner, you gonna make an appearance at some point today??

Apparently not!!?? I was naughty….and gave in to the temptation of sharing a cheesey garlic pizza bread that was going begging!!?? Slap my hand…and call me fatty!! tsk tsk??

It was a late night…early rise again??? I left work at 12:45 in the am….

Only to return,



I had protein museli for breakfast with a nana, yummy, but no time for pictures, it was to be a most busy, stressful day….

My sore little legs got alot of stomping action on the go [sheesh, home workouts are the bomb], until they stomped right into the stafroom at…

4:30pm!!?? For lunch….and nope, I had not forgotten Fish Friday and gave last weeks debut a second run….

Eats 171

Eats 173

Cajun spiced salmon fillet, with cottage cheese and pineapple. Hmmmm, it was tasty, but didn’t quite invoke the same level of love as last tine?? Annnnd, I realised, with that quantity of cottage cheese….not a healthy choice!!??

I had the pleasure of a six o’clock escape from work…and I had prepared for the event, after a little light sportswear shopping [so I look all shiny for my forthcoming 10k Sunday], I headed off to the pool….my muscles couldn’t cope with anything more!!?? I have reached the stage that I grown every time I stand up???? Or move…..ouch…..

I was happy to see that the pool was quiet…I get pure swimming rage….so all good….I splashed off….

But….it was not a fun affair…my poor eyes….ahhhh the chlorine!!??

My goggles appeared to have lost all ability to prevent the water flow into my eye area, and my nose peg kept falling off….not the funnest 1250 metres I have ever swam [I did have fun racing the slow coaches, who didn’t know I was racing them though? Is that a bit of a weird thing to do?? Amuses me anyway??] I managed the whole 50 lengths as intended, and I had a reasonable pant on when I finished, so not all bad I guess!!

I wasn’t really that hungry when I finished…AND Daz gad just given me the fab news about his decision not to run with me Sunday, so I was a pretty bummed…so I went for a watery tea…very in keeping with the feel of the post I feel?? Minestrone soup….

Eats 175

On my officailly favourite new plate…61p, BARGAIN!! It was most sufficient.

And I must share with you before parting….the amazing yoghurt adventure, part deux….

…as per previous recipe, with the ultimate addition…hot chocolate powder!! Tastebud heaven of the most amazing kind!!

Oh see….I have perked up a little now, although the threat of only 5 hours till my morning alarm sounds is giving me the sense that I should really start to wrap this bloggerino up for the day….

A few words of positivity in parting….well, just some cool stuff I got goin down at the mo to make me happy….

  • Sunday is my big 10k round 2!! I’m aiming to beat the big 6-0 on the old clockerino!!
  • We have a fun work day out to a theme park next week….yay, I lurve roller coasters, and it means an extra day off  [insert super big smiley face, here]
  • 1 week today, I am officially on holiday for 2 whole glorious weeks
  • 9 days today…I will be jetting off for 10 days of sun, sea and partying [insert THE happiest face EVER, here]


Weigh In Wednesday…

August 21, 2009

Cue…the most uninspiring post EVER!????

I am soooo tired right now….and a little bummed out to be honest, feeling rather de-motivated!!??

Well the source of my bummed outness is not technically till later, so I shall start as my day did in fact begin….

With a super yummy sunny breakfast…

Eats 125

It is soooo refreshing to wake to a little sunshine once in a while…one day the British weather will finally cotton on, and actually grasp the concept, [that the rest of the world in it’s entirity has been managing for several thousands of years,] of an actual summer…with some actual sun??? Hmmmm…your right, it is a bit of a big ask isn’t it???

After chillaxing with the old bloggerino for a few hours, I hit the gym…

I was feeling tired, and lethargic…and really not up for it in the slightest??

Buuuut….once I got started….I was on fire….

  • 15 minutes, rower: 190 cals
  • 25 minutes treadmill, HIIT[ish] stylee….I made it to 13.5km/ph ooooeeeeee: 280 cals. I did try to get my HR straight after…clocked in at 153…it felt like I had worked sooo much harder than that though???
  • 5 minutes eliptical…just to even the numbers out!!?? I couldn’t possibly finsih on an uneven number???

I was feeling guilty about my lack of weights action of late…so I attempted a lower body style effort….the details are boring…so I shall just settle for plain old; it was good! Simple, and to the point!!??

I never remember to prepare any post workout sustanance…so in my mega ‘hot’ sweaty state, I headed into town and picked up a wee munch…usually I just grab a Slimfast shake, but I was feeling adventerous…. 

Eats 145


Eats 153

 It wasn’t what I was expecting at all….I thought it would be hard with an orange crunch but it was actually reeeaaaally soft and chewy!! Right yummy….but also right expensive?? It’s always the way!!??

Right, I suppose I should face the music….and get down to the real hard nitty gritty of the post….

The Weigh In…..


The time hasd arrived….and this week is the penultimate weigh in?? I have kept [pretty much right on track with my munching…so I shan’t lie….I do have some quite high expectations this week, rightly or wrongly!!??

And, the magic number is………..9stone 8lbs!! That’s a loss of 1lb!! Wooopededooo….note the hint of sarcasm there!!??

I’m not impressed…I have been racking my brain….trying to think if I have had any cheeky extra calories and not really noticed, or if I didn’t get in enough on the workout front?? Or what if it’s a case that I haven’t been eating enough, and working out too much?????

Major bummer!! And yes…I know…it’s a loss, which is good, and I do accept that….but I want mooooore!!??

Weigh in Wednesday; subject is officially now closed….annnd moving on…..

I was verrrrry excited about lunch….and quite rightly so….low fat cheese veggie burger with a humungus spinach salad….

Eats 135

Eats 138

 Twas tasty tasty!! That shall be a become repeat offender on the menu from now on I feel!!

I have no imagination as to what to I can chat about to fill these little ‘at work’ voids….I am feeling so uninspired at the moment???

So I suppose instead it shall be a case of; moving swiftly on, again….cous cous with veg and chickpeas for dinner….

Eats 143

 And in the wee hours before heading home….some delectable protein youghurt with strawberries and blueberries!! Never fails to hit the spot!!

Eats 139

And that was Wednesday….I have a feeling some interesting stuff did happen…but I was so bummed out from the un-mentionable, and so super sleepy, I just don’t remeber….so we shall call it done…and be done!!

Cei is….ONLY 11 MORE SLEEPS!!!?

August 19, 2009

Oh myyyy gosh….I am sooo excited…well I think I am anyway??

This lovely little present arrived in the post for me yesterday….

Eats 131

oooooeeeeeee!!! The biiig HD is nearly upon us!! 🙂 I haven’t really gotten that rush of excitement though that I normally get….the arrival of the tickets is usually quite a pivotal moment for me that gets me squealing like a 3 year old….but this time, nada!!??? I think it’s because they are not in usual ‘ticket format’….I have never seen anything like this before…I’m not sure that I quite trust they are real!? This little book…really is tiny, and the tickets…just don’t look like tickets!!?? Apparently this is what all the cool kid airlines are up to at the mo….me? I don’t like it!!! I feel greatly let down…by my sheer lack of excitement at present!!!???? Although I have started the “this time in 2 weeks….” business??? Why do people do that?? And the pre-holiday FB status updates [mini rant alert]….sorry they drive me up the wall!! “Only 269 sleeps till my holidays!!”, followed the next day by “Only 268 sleeps till my holidays…I’m so excited”….eh?????? [Mini rant over!!]

I just have to point out….that took like, 45 minutes….maaaaan I am a slow writer, stroke thinker? I really do need to get a jog on…I have serious gym action scheduled pre-work!

Right let’s do this thang…

Breakfast was a return to an old favourite…

Eats 099

mmmm…protein oats with black cherry jam, equals divine!! Gosh…I haven’t had this in agggges! Well worth the wait!!

I was gonna get some cardio on the go….but my darn post yesterday took FOREVER?? So I ran outa time?? Really….I SHOULD have gotten up earlier, and sorted my life out to make sure I had enough time, and I SHOULD have prioritised my workout over faffing around online, but….I didn’t?? Lesson learned!! Although I am a little bummed that my stupid body appears to have reverted back to lazy ass, sleep all day mode?? It’s all work…sleep…work…sleeep…work…sleep…gym…work….sleep, when oh when will ‘life’ get a look in!!??

So, whilst tapping away yesterday I some cous cous on the go, ready for dinner….

And then managed to squeeze in some actual eating of food….another long lost eat making a more than welcome return to my life….GUACAMOLE!!!

Eats 109

My recipe is a super simple version…just mashed up avocado with 2 crushed garlic cloves, I do love me garlic, a splash of balsamic, 4 juicy baby plum tomatoes chopped and topped with a little black pepper!! mmm….mmmm…mmmmmm! Served on toast…it’s my little peice of heaven!! I have missed you my lover!!

It didn’t keep me full for too long though….and a mere 4 hours later….I happily tucked into my cous cous…

Eats 116

mmmm….more garlic!! I am so feeling the cous cous at the mo….no doubt I will soon get bored though…I NEEEEED more dinner ideas!! I wish I was one of these…throw it all in a pan, and just see what happens types!!? Although my adventerous side is growing….watch this space!!???

Notice the lack of PB in my post!! I have survived ONE whole day….and no banana either, I do beleive I have been on a one a day addiction for several weeks now?? I must learn to mix my eats up a little…get a bit crazzzzzy [insert jazz hands here]!!???

I did not however manage to overcome the yoghurt addiction?? One step at a time…we don’t wana overdo it…

Eats 119

The usual protein, honey and oats concoction…today mixed with fresh strawberries and blueberries….very yum, contrary to appearances…man that is a sucky camera effort, shame on me!!

Hmmmm…think I’m done!!???

I must just blow my own trumpet for a teeny tiny mo…I am so proud of myself for resisting any naughty snacking urges at the moment…I am really happy with eats… cheating, AT ALL! And I am always honest about my cheats!??

Today is Weigh-in Wednesday…hopefully the body fat doo dah will be fixed, it’s been broken for like, weeks???? Come on gym peeps, sort it out!!? Anyway…the proof shall be in the pudding ay!!!

And….I nearly forgot….I have set myself a goal!! Minimum, 2 glasses of water per day!! Now, know that seems like nothing…but at the mo, I am on like zero to one glass a day…and that is alot for me….my bladder just can’t cope with any more?? BUT I SHALL CERTAINLY GIVE IT A GO!!? Bring on the H2o!!

I will part with this little image of yumminess…these little beauts are from the woods next to my house…

Eats 097

Mini…sweet…juicy…plum lovliness!! Snackalicious 🙂

Spice, Spice Baby

August 18, 2009

It’s another one of those ‘fun filled’ back tracks peeps….

I had loads I wanted to say earlier, but now everywhere is just dead noisy….and I’m too hot and sleepy, so think I shall just get straight to the point!!


With my new found love for the cinnamon…I decided my morning oats could do with a little spicing up…

Eats 059

Eats 062

 Looks pretty tasty until I mixed it all in huh?? It was nice….but kinda watery, and the honey went all weird, not quite sure what that was all about!??

I was feeling really lethargic….ans not sure if I could face the gym, or a run of any description…so I flaked out….and opted for the good ol’ workout DVD instead!!

(Ok I would just like to point out, at this point…I am going to bed, so if when I return my ramblings seem a little disjointed, there you have it!!?? And…break for sleep!!)

(Ok, I’m back…feeling rejuvinated and ready for the new day…letttttt’s go…..)

Now….I know what your thinking…workout dvd equals cop-out!!?? Some has been celeb bouncin around, with very little effort involved more concerned with flasing a cheesy publicity shot smile every 2 minutes rather than actually building up a sweat!!?? Well that’s certaintly what my feeling was….and I do for some reason own a couple of those poor efforts!!?? HOWEVER….this is a workout dvd with a difference!! This is a workout dvd….that actually works!!

Remember the Eric Prydz…was it Eric Prydz? I don’t actually remember….but anyway ‘Call On Me’ the song…well this dvd is based on the music video for that song…and even has all the hot bods from the vid in too….I’ve had it for years and it never fails to get me working up a proper sweat!! Today I even upped the anti a little and added some light dumbells in the low impact section…although you don’t really need anything extra weights wise to be honest…all the thrusting in this bad boy doesn’t half get your muscles working!! And there really is alot of thrusting…not one to get stuck into whilst the ‘rents are around, I feel a little embarassed even when I’m on my own with some of the moves these guys get goin on….but hey, it certaintly feels like it’s working….so ‘thrust a’hoy’ for me!! (Oh my sh**, I have actually just watched the vid for that song again for the first time in like…ever….that’s a bit x-rated isn’t it??)

I feel for some reason that I needed to share a little of my workout outfit with you…

Eats 065

Now there’s a combo for you ay?? ODD, striped neon socks with bright purple track pants…and I had a bright blue top on too…what can I say, a bit of colour clashing, it’s the way forwards!! Not that I’d actually go out to the gym dressed in this little combo….maybe for a jog though???

Now, I think maybe I am brave enough, just about to post this mext photo….

  1. As proof to the world that a workout dvd…does not equal cop-out, and doesn’t half build up a sweat (I would say it’s like the 8th most exerted I have ever felt, even more so as I decided to hit the high intensity section a second time around!)…
  2. As a sign to myself as to just how far I have come, from the lazy, flabby lump that I was just back in March, who was too embarassed by my body to even flash an iota of leg…

Arrrrgh…here goes…flesh flash alert ahead….

Eats 070

Are we traumatised yet?? Notice how this photo is much smaller than all the others!!? lol!! I still have quite alot of toning to go….but hey, not bad for a start I guess…I can’t believe I was brave enough to get it out!! 🙂 I am intrigued as to how toning and weights is helping to slowly change my body though…and the best way to see is in a photograph ay!?? I do think that maybe I haven’t adjusted mentally to the changes in my body yet…I still pick up the bigger sizes when I’m clothes shopping, and am adament that MY size will be far to small…perhaps this will help??

Geez…how long can I harp on about a workout dvd ay!?? What can I say…I was impressed!! 🙂

Maybe it’s to distarct from the lameness of my lunch…

Eats 075

Well…more the lameness of the photo really, the luch was actually quite tasty!! Boiled egg with a Quorn sausgae, 2 grilled mushrooms and a slice of wholemeal toast…with ketchup, of course!! Hit the spot!!

Dinner was a tupaware friendly effort at work….left over chilli with a baked sweet potato, cottage cheese and a toasted tortilla….

Eats 079

Eats 085

mmm…mm…mmmmm!!! This flavour combo is defo one of my faves!! The hot, spicy chilli with the soft sweet potato and then the cool cottage cheese!! Heavenly!! I truly savoured EVERY delicious mouthful!!

A few hours later, I polished the day off with some yummy vanilla, nectarine and cinnamon protein yoghurt…with oats and honey too…

Eats 087

Aaaaaahhhh…now my belly can sleep happy!! xxx.


Maaaan is it Monday already??? I had a definate case of the Monday mornings….groggy and yukky and bleugh!! My body soo needs more than 4 and a half hours sleep, close to opens are pure evil!! 😦 At least I was on time…that was a shocker, especially to me, I thought I was a dead cert for an over-sleep!!

My boss was back of his hols today, so I happily relinquished all responsibility for the business back to him!! aaaaaaaahhhhhh…feeeeel that weight….LIFTED!!! 🙂 Feels good!! Wish I could say the same for my body…muchos ouchos!! I am soooo sore….my legs are truly feelin it today!!

(Is it confusing that I keep switicng from past to present tense….I just can’t help myself!!??)

First job of the day…for me anyway…was breakfast….

Eats 091

Protein museli and banana, with a side of sunshine…best kinda breakfast there is!!! Helllooooo…..sunny, please, won’t you stay a while??!! 🙂

And then for the slog!!! 7 long hours with just an insipid cup of coffee, provided by the Boss no less, my rumbly tumbly definately needed this at 3 o’clock…

Eats 095

1 egg, plus 1 egg white nuked with a little milk!! Not the ideal way for eggs…but hey, it tasted ok, and it filled that humungus gaping hole boring into my stomach!!!

I was so happy to finally get off at 6!! It’s time to run…woohoooo!! I did find time to stop off and buy a cheeky bikinni mish mash for my holiday (I’m petrified all the shops’ll stop stocking the summer stuff before my hols….I neeed to stock up!!)

Todays run was a lovely sceninc one….along the canal, up through fields (which was haaaard work on the old legs, and the nettles weren’t much fun to navigate either) and back to the gym! I tracked it again on the old phonage…

  • 5.93 miles
  • 48 min 27s
  • 8min 10s p/m
  • 599 calories

I won’t be able to go along to any running sessions for a while now as I am either working, or on holiday…major bummer!! I shall just have to improvise ay!!

I was ravenous when I got home (my last meal being at 3pm??) so I delved into some vanilla and summer berries protein yoghurt…

Eats 089

Tasssssteeeeeey!!! Kept me going nicely until my little spice fest, aka…dinnnner!!

But not before a little front room style upper body workout with the old dumbells, I’m still getting used to these workouts so I don’t know names, hmm let me see….there were some hammer curls in there, and some tricep dips, and….ooo latteral raises, bicep curls…..hmmm thats all I remember, I must start writing them down!!

So, anyhows, back to dinner…..

Eats 105

Simmmmply yumminess!! Roasted sweet potato, mushrooms and gralic with spicy tomato sauce and Quorn chicken….

Eats 110

All warpped up….enchilada stylee, minus the cheese naturally!!

Another favourite meal for sure!! 🙂

And that…is pretty much that!!! I did go shopping at like midnight…hence why I copped out on the post last night…oh and I did munch on a slice of fruit toast at like, 1am…tut tut!!

You know, writing and cooking really is something of a skill…I really haven’t quite got it down, am just attempting to make some cous cous for dinner at work tonight….it has been an interesting experience!!??? I’m slightly starting to feel a wee bit stressed……

Speaking of work…I must woefully depart!! 😦 It’s been fun kids…TTFN!! xx.

A Whinge, A Whine and A Moan

August 16, 2009

Heeeeey….energy….where’d you go???

Up until Tuesday….I was full proper full of beans! Awake and ready to rock and roll every mornin, lovin the gym action….now all I want to do is sleeeeep???

And eat!!

It was a most lazzzzy morning….I didn’t wake up until like, 11.20am….I had to be in work at 12?? Shizzer!! I did make time for brekkie though…there’s ALWAYS time for brekkie!! I didn’t take a photo though?? I felt we have all seen enough photies of my boring old protein museli…yummy as it is!!

So today was just another boring old work day…plodding along, not much of anything going down!!? You know…if I had the luxury of actually getting a weekend off once in a blue moon…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t spend it shopping for light bulbs, scowling at my lunch, and then whinging about the price, and the kids at the next table, and the music, and oh…the world!!??? No, I would go out….and ACTUALLY ENJOY MYSELF!!!

Don’t get me wrong…I do actually quite enjoy tollerate my job….and I get to work with so many levely peeps assholes!! Nah, it’s not SO bad….I am just soooo seriously sick of having to spend each and every day, justifying my weightloss?? The constant quizzing on my daily diet…am I eating…I should eat something…I work out too much?? OMG…leave me alone…I’m happy, I’m eating….please stop waving that garlic bread under my nose!!

Seriously…just yesterday, a member of staff appeared in the office with a big garlic bread with cheese, which she presented to me with….”Eat it…you know you want to! Eat something!” ??????

Comments such as “Do you wanna see a picture, when you were fat!!??” ??????

GRRRRR…it right winds me up!!!!

oooo…that does feel a little better though….can’t beat a good rant sometimes…aaaaah yes, I do feel much calmer now!!

So, the girl who doesn’t eat???…enjoyed a big fat pizza for lunch….

Eats 040

Our pizzas are the best, well worth the splurge!! I had a tomato and pesto base, with goats cheese, mushrooms and pineapple…..scrumdidlyumpcious!!

As the afternoon was so quiet, I wandered off to the supermarket to buy some oats….God forbid, I run out of oats….I simply wouldn’t be able to cope?? I decided rather than head to the usual haunt…I would check out the cheapy style place NEXT DOOR, which I have never before dained to do…through sheer snobbery to be honest??

WOW!! Check this place out….I was waaaay impressed!! I brought some bread, some hot chocolate and cinnamon….and all for less than 3 pounds, which is pretty awesome!! Lurve, lurve, lurving it!! I will most definately be partaking in a shop here, sometime soon!! They didn’t sell oats though???

I put the hot chocolate straight to the test…

Eats 043

mmmm…sweet, aditivey, chocolatey flavour yumminess!! I enjoyed it, for sure!!

Next up…the cinnamon…I have seen loadsa fab concoctions on the go bigging up the cinnamon…so thought I would give it a whirl….

Eats 022

Eats 045

Natural yoghurt with……nectarine, honey, oats, vanilla protein powder and cinnamon!! I feel maybe the point is nigh when I should actually stop with adding of ingredients before the calories hit the roof???

Eats 051

It was very good though, the cinnamon addition is definately a winner!!

And…the bread even got a look in too….with a very poor attempt at dinner….it was like, 10 o’clock though….

Eats 056

Wholemeal toast, with pb and honey…put back under the grill!! It was tasty…as always…but didn’t quite cut it as a substantial evening meal?? Am I suprised…NO, but cooking is just not on the agenda for me tonight…I feel way too meh!! I am also concerned by my rather over zealous usage of the old pb at the mo….maybe a few days abstinence is in order??

Not tooo bad for my dieting day off?? I was still gonna try and get a run in this morning…but my sleep had other plans for me!!?? I always feel guilty taking a day off…but unfortunately sometimes I just have to accept it as just one of the many downsides of having to earn a living!!??

I do feel today has been somehthing of a moan fest?? I need to cheer the F up ay??? What is wrong with me…owd misery guts!! I am feeling pretty poo tonight though….my head is pounding, and I’m super hot, and I have a really sore throat…

Oh, oh, oh…speaking of sore…my body is muchos sore…ALLLLL OVER after yesterday’s fun and games at the gym…meaning I actually did achieve something…hoo-rah!!

I really should cheer up…as I do have LOADS to look forward to…

Next Sunday me AND Daz are running the Birchwood 10k, it’s his first, bless him!! Although he’ll still probably beat me…despite having done NO training!!???

All going well pennies wise…this time in 2 weeks I shall be raving it up proper August bank holiday stylee at Creamfields, not gonna get my hopes up tooo much on that one though…just in case!!

And 2 weeks Monday….it will be Daz’s birthday….when he will be mega old!!

And we will be in IBIZA!!

Ahhhh….now theres a happy thought for me to head off to bed with….